How Do You Select The Right Luxury Home Builders In Phoenix AZ?

luxury home builders in phoenix

Building a dream home is the goal of every hard working family. Whether you are planning to retire, just starting out a family or planning on living on your own; the process of finding and hiring the right custom home builders can be tricky and time consuming. However, when you are planning to spend a lot of money on new custom home you want to ensure the people building it are qualified and competent to complete the job on time, and most importantly on budget. As such, here are a few tips that will help you find and hire the right luxury home builders in Phoenix.

Tip #1 – Speak with Current Custom Home Owners about their Experience

Many people say that word mouth advertising is the most effective platform for any company. But for luxury custom home builders, the solid testimonials about their services, process and quality truly speaks volumes. This is why the first thing that anybody that is considering building a custom home in Phoenix should do is speak with people you know that have gone through this process on their own.

There are many reasons to talk with friends, family or neighbors, including:

  • Asking them about the process will give you a good baseline understanding of the details involved in building a dream home.
  • Previous custom home builders can also provide you with some personal experiences they had with their contractor which again, gives you a starting point of qualities to look for in the right luxury home builders in Phoenix.
  • It’s great to get ideas from your friends. Ask them if you can tour their custom built home to look at some of the unique additions they made that you’d like to include in your own custom home.

Tip #2 – Look towards Online Reviews

After you’ve spoken to friends about their experience and gathered information about what went well and didn’t about their own experience with custom home builders in Phoenix, the next step is to find a few that you can speak with directly. A great resource to review potential contractors is This website includes consumer reviews of all sorts of contractors, from those that fix HVAC equipment to those that create luxury home plans and are considered the top luxury home builders in Phoenix.

The best thing about is that you’re getting reviews directly from the horse’s mouth. These are reviews from people that have actually worked with the contractors they’re reviewing. If you spend an hour on the website, you can narrow down your list of potential luxury custom home builders in Phoenix that you can then research directly.

Tip #3 – Visit the websites of at least three custom home builders in Phoenix

The top luxury home builders in Phoenix all have one thing in common – dedication to perfection. One of the best ways to see this directly is the way they represent themselves online. If a custom home builder talks about the pride in craftsmanship and attention to details, yet has a website filled with misspelled words, really sloppy images and no attention to detail – how can you trust them to build your dream home correctly the first time?

Also, by visiting their website you can get a clear understanding of the process they use to craft the home of your dreams. Contrary to popular belief, custom homes don’t build themselves. And there is solid evidence that supports the statement that the process that custom home builders use throughout the project is often the key to success in the custom home industry.

Once you’ve had time to speak with previous custom home owners, checked out some factual online reviews and visited the website of luxury home builders in Phoenix – you’ll have a solid foundation to begin your search and hire the right contractor that will turn your dream home aspirations into reality.

Whether you’re just beginning to think about your custom home or you already have an architect and need the right General Contractor to run your project, Peak One Builders can help call (480) 569-7977 today or contact us via email.

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