tips to buy land and build a house in Arizona

3 Tips On How To Buy Land And Build A House In Arizona

Having a custom built home is the dream of most hard working people in Arizona.

Whether you are looking for a primary residence in a small but beautiful community or looking for a get-a-way home in the Sonoran Desert, the process involved in finding the perfect lot, purchasing the and building a home is not as complex as you might think.

In fact, by sticking to three basic steps involved in building a custom home in Arizona you’ll minimize mistakes, simplify the process and end up with the quality built home of your dreams.

Noted below are three important tips on how to buy land and build a house that will expedite your vision and ensure your custom home is built by the right contractor.

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Luxury Custom Home Building In Scottsdale Is On The Rise

custom-home-building-in-scottsdaleMaybe it’s because of the economy slowly improving – perhaps the lower fuel prices or the baby-boomers approaching retirement, but custom home building in Scottsdale is definitely on the rise. In fact, custom home building across the entire Southwestern United States is becoming more popular; especially as home owners begin to discover the amazing value and pride that comes with building a home from scratch. It’s due to this fact that many are starting to inquire about the custom home building process and how to find the right dream house builder in Scottsdale.

With that being said, here are a few custom home building tips that will help you prepare better if you want to hire a great custom home builder. Read more

How Do You Select The Right Luxury Home Builders In Phoenix AZ?

luxury home builders in phoenix

Building a dream home is the goal of every hard working family. Whether you are planning to retire, just starting out a family or planning on living on your own; the process of finding and hiring the right custom home builders can be tricky and time consuming. However, when you are planning to spend a lot of money on new custom home you want to ensure the people building it are qualified and competent to complete the job on time, and most importantly on budget. As such, here are a few tips that will help you find and hire the right luxury home builders in Phoenix.

Tip #1 – Speak with Current Custom Home Owners about their Experience

Many people say that word mouth advertising is the most effective platform for any company. But for luxury custom home builders, the solid testimonials about their services, process and quality truly speaks volumes. This is why the first thing that anybody that is considering building a custom home in Phoenix should do is speak with people you know that have gone through this process on their own.

There are many reasons to talk with friends, family or neighbors, including:

  • Asking them about the process will give you a good baseline understanding of the details involved in building a dream home.
  • Previous custom home builders can also provide you with some personal experiences they had with their contractor which again, gives you a starting point of qualities to look for in the right luxury home builders in Phoenix.
  • It’s great to get ideas from your friends. Ask them if you can tour their custom built home to look at some of the unique additions they made that you’d like to include in your own custom home. Read more

Choosing An Energy Efficient Homebuilder In Scottsdale AZ

Choosing a Custom Homebuilder in ScottsdaleChoosing a Custom Homebuilder in Scottsdale that Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Truth be told, there are many custom homebuilders in the greater Scottsdale area. However, there are very few that focus on ensuring that your custom home is energy efficient. The fact is that energy rates are skyrocketing in Arizona. Whether it’s due to our resources or economic reasons, finding affordable ways to integrate energy efficiency when choosing a custom homebuilder in Scottsdale has become a priority for many new homeowners.

Five Important Factors To Consider When Choosing An Energy Efficient Custom Homebuilder

First – Define Your Individual Needs

Before you begin to interview custom homebuilders, the first thing you need to do is determine exactly what you’re looking to build. Believe it or not, different custom homebuilders often have individual specialties. So before you start searching, know exactly what type of home you’re intending on building. Read more

New Home Construction: Buy New or Build New?

new home constructionIf you’ve been looking to upgrade your home but are wondering to yourself, “Should I buy a new home or build a custom new home,” we have some very important factors for you to consider. Believe it or not, this is a common question asked by many Arizona homeowners. Whether you’re living a lavish lifestyle and searching for your dream home or simply looking to upgrade and expand your home due to new children or other factors, debating on new home construction methods is often a point of contention for several homeowners.

Three Facts To Consider When Choosing Between A New And Custom-Built Home

Fact #1 – New Home Construction Permits Freedom Of Choice

We all want certain elements inside our home and more often than not, we have to accept the reality that we can’t always get what we wish. But, when you make the decision to build a new home, your freedom to add certain ‘wants’ becomes much easier. Custom homes are ‘custom’ in every sense of the word. There are several benefits to building a new custom home including: Read more