Why Using Green Building Materials Can Save You Green

Green Building Materials It’s often assumed that buying green building materials can cost an arm and a leg. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, many construction companies and custom home builders are beginning to discover the benefits of using recycled or natural materials in all of their custom home building projects in Arizona. And the benefits can also help homeowners save money each month as they live in their new homes.

Eco-Friendly Materials And Its Benefits

Whether it’s natural flooring materials, recycled or natural paints and even insulation made out of recycled newspaper, using green building materials is becoming extremely popular.

Benefits of Green Flooring Materials

We’re not suggesting that you paint your floors inside your new custom home green per-say, but, using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, cork, salvaged wood planks and even carpeting manufactured from recycled products can spice up your home – and save money down the road. Read more

Choosing An Energy Efficient Homebuilder In Scottsdale AZ

Choosing a Custom Homebuilder in Scottsdale Choosing a Custom Homebuilder in Scottsdale that Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Truth be told, there are many custom homebuilders in the greater Scottsdale area. However, there are very few that focus on ensuring that your custom home is energy efficient. The fact is that energy rates are skyrocketing in Arizona. Whether it’s due to our resources or economic reasons, finding affordable ways to integrate energy efficiency when choosing a custom homebuilder in Scottsdale has become a priority for many new homeowners.

Five Important Factors To Consider When Choosing An Energy Efficient Custom Homebuilder

First – Define Your Individual Needs

Before you begin to interview custom homebuilders, the first thing you need to do is determine exactly what you’re looking to build. Believe it or not, different custom homebuilders often have individual specialties. So before you start searching, know exactly what type of home you’re intending on building. Read more

New Home Construction: Buy New or Build New?

new home construction If you’ve been looking to upgrade your home but are wondering to yourself, “Should I buy a new home or build a custom new home,” we have some very important factors for you to consider. Believe it or not, this is a common question asked by many Arizona homeowners. Whether you’re living a lavish lifestyle and searching for your dream home or simply looking to upgrade and expand your home due to new children or other factors, debating on new home construction methods is often a point of contention for several homeowners.

Three Facts To Consider When Choosing Between A New And Custom-Built Home

Fact #1 – New Home Construction Permits Freedom Of Choice

We all want certain elements inside our home and more often than not, we have to accept the reality that we can’t always get what we wish. But, when you make the decision to build a new home, your freedom to add certain ‘wants’ becomes much easier. Custom homes are ‘custom’ in every sense of the word. There are several benefits to building a new custom home including: Read more

Building Codes in Scottsdale Are Best Handled By A General Contractor

building codes in scottsdale Anytime a homeowner in Scottsdale is considering a home remodel or upgrade, hiring a general contractor is often the first step. Many people believe they can take care of the legal requirements; such as gathering all permits and complying with building codes in Scottsdale. These individuals often find out the hard way that it’s a lot easier and less stressful to leave this job to the general contractor you hire.

Three Reasons To Let A General Contractor Handle Building Codes In Scottsdale

Just like any profession, a general contractor has real-life experience working within the regulations required to complete their services. And the first items a GC must be familiar with are the local codes and regulations for completing any project.

There are several different types of construction projects; each one of them having their own building codes in Scottsdale. For example: Read more

How To Create A Custom Home Checklist That Suits Your Needs

custom home checklist Building a custom home is the dream of most Americans. Whether it’s the thought of being involved in every aspect of the design and build process or the joy that comes with building a home built precisely to your exact wants, desires and needs, building a custom home can be an exhilarating experience. And if you’re considering the custom home route, a great first step is to create a custom home checklist that will make the entire process smooth, affordable and ensure you get exactly what you want included in your dream home. Read more