How Do Sustainable Green Homes Affect the Environment?

Sustainable green homes Responsible homeowners in today’s world need to understand that even the smallest lifestyle decisions can have major effects on the world around them. The environment has been particularly ravaged through the years due to unsafe and unregulated practices regarding trash and waste disposal. The energy we consume is also causing an irreparable dent in the planet’s natural resources, and eventually there will be nothing left. We, therefore, have to do what we can to protect the environment, and sustainable green homes might just be the answer. Read more

Are There Net-Zero Energy Building Restrictions in Arizona?

Building a green home is one of the best investments you could make as an environmentally conscious homeowner. Built to produce roughly as much energy as they consume, net-zero energy homes can drastically cut down on the high per capita energy consumption in the US. However, not just anyone can decide to build a net-zero home. Certain conditions and regulations must be met to break ground on a new green construction, and if you are not working with the right builders, you may quickly run afoul of some common net-zero energy building restrictions. Read more