Avoid Disasters When Deep Frying A Thanksgiving Turkey

scottsdale fire restoration companyThere is nothing worse than experiencing a major fire during the holiday season. Sadly, this phenomena is growing; as more homeowners discover how amazing deep frying a Thanksgiving turkey can taste. However, there are a few things that you can do that will permit you to enjoy a nice holiday turkey safely without having to worry about the potential of fire or other damage being done to your home.

Here are three simple tips to consider that will help you avoid the dreaded Thanksgiving turkey disaster.

First – Don’t Deep Fry Inside Your Home

According to the US Department of Energy, nearly 75% of holiday season fires inside homes are caused by mistakes in food preparation. In recent years, these fires have been caused by homeowners who make the decision to deep fry their turkeys indoors. Whether it’s due to bad weather or just a desire to cook inside, deep frying a turkey indoors is simply a bad idea. Read more