How to Build the Most Energy Efficient Home in Arizona

You are not alone in wanting to learn how to build the most energy efficient home.

More people today than ever are turning to net-zero homes to help reduce their carbon footprint.

These specialty constructions are made to reduce greenhouse emissions and limit energy costs, which is becoming all the more important as the years go by.

Americans, in particular, are consuming more energy except China, with almost 40 percent of it going to power sectors like residential and commercial.

Fortunately, correcting this issue is not that difficult. Read more

How to Build a Zero Energy Home in Scottsdale [7 Tips]

how to build a zero energy home in scottsdale Building a net-zero home is quickly becoming one of the best options out there for individuals who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while cutting rising energy bills. Many people, however, are turned away by the prospect because they think it is more difficult than it actually is. Fortunately, the process is not nearly so painful, and if you want to learn how to build a zero energy home in Scottsdale, it is often as simple as calling the right home builders. Read more

Where to Find Net-Zero Energy Home Building Tax Credits?

net-zero energy home building tax credits It is becoming increasingly important as the years go by to invest in energy efficient technology. Considering that 40 percent of all energy consumption in the US is found in residential and commercial properties, you really must take a step back to think about the ways to incorporate more green practices into your life. One of the best ways is through net-zero energy homes, which will not just reduce your carbon footprint but also save you big money in the form of Net-Zero energy home building tax credits. Read more

Choosing the Best and Highest R-Value Wall Insulation for AZ

highest r-value wall insulation Building an energy efficient home is an increasingly popular option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint or cut energy costs. However, these can be complicated structures that should only be undertaken by a trained professional energy efficient home builder. Otherwise, you might not be receiving the full benefits of net-zero energy homes. One of the common mistakes is not selecting the proper wall insulation, which renders many advantages moot. You should therefore always look to find the highest r-value wall insulation available. Read more