General Contractor In Scottsdale Building Handicap Home For Wounded Veteran

General Contractor In ScottsdaleCelebrating this nations birthday reminds us of the freedoms we have in this country, but this freedom does not come without sacrifice. The men and women that serve in our armed forces protect this nation and it’s freedoms. Although it may be easy to reach out to thank our military on holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day or Memorial Day, it’s important that we take every opportunity to give thanks and show gratitude to our military. So when the opportunity came up for Peak One Builders owner Mike Christensen to collaborate once again with Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warrior project to renovate a home for another US Army veteran, this general contractor in Scottsdale jumped in. Read more

What To Look For With Handicap Remodeling Contractors In Scottsdale

Handicap Remodeling Contractors in ScottsdaleLiving with a physical handicap is difficult enough without having to worry about simple things we often take for granted. For example – it’s relatively easy for the average individual to step into a shower, or to walk down a hall or simply open a door. But when life throws us a curve ball and a physical limitation has become a reality, making adjustments to a home is no longer a luxury – it’s needed. And the experts that provide this service are handicap remodeling contractors in Scottsdale.

There are a few special qualities that the best handicap home remodelers have that ensure you’ll have ADA compliant remodeling standards with a focus on overall quality. Read more