Seniors & Veterans Leaning on Handicap Home Builders in Scottsdale

Handicap home builders in ScottsdaleWhen President Barack Obama visited the Phoenix metro area this past March, his visit was primarily focused on discovering what solutions have been provided to fix a damaged Veterans Affairs facility. However, he also took time to visit Sergeant Cory Remsburg; a US Army Specialist that received a recently remodeled home completed by a team of handicap home builders in Scottsdale. But Sergeant Remsburg is not alone. In recent years, there has been an increased need for seniors and returning military hero’s to have upgrades made to their Scottsdale homes for safety and improved quality of life.

Here are several of the benefits that senior citizens and veterans can receive by moving to the Scottsdale community and working with handicap home builders that can easily update their homes to help them enjoy their time in the Valley of the Sun. Read more