Home Renovation Service in Paradise Valley [Hiring Checklist]

home renovation service in Paradise Valley Hiring a contractor for your home improvement projects can be a tall order. You want someone who is skilled, efficient, and reasonably priced. These may all seem like reasonable feats to manage but every contractor is not created equal. Selecting a contractor has a lot to do with your needs, schedule, and personality. You need someone who is willing to accommodate you as much as possible. You also need a contractor that listens to your ideas while being honest about their capabilities. In this article you will learn more about home renovation service in Paradise Valley and how selecting the right contractor makes all the difference. Read more

Top 5 Scottsdale Residential Construction "FAILS" to Avoid

Phoenix residential construction

Getting in over one’s head often yields negative results – regardless of the project you’re undertaking. However, it canget downright ugly when it comes to residential construction projects in Phoenix. Whether it’s mistakes made by the contractors or the home owners, in the end; the person doing the hiring is and should be responsible for making sure that every ‘I’ is dotted and all “T’s” are crossed to ensure that their home improvement or custom home construction project goes off without a hitch.

Since this is a statement of fact, here are five of the most common residential home construction ‘fails’ that any home owner should avoid at all costs. Read more

3 Profitable Home Improvement Ideas for Scottsdale Homes

When a homeowner is looking to remodel their house, how often is profitability considered? The truth is that most Scottsdale home improvement ideas home improvement ideas are based on stylistic or practical enhancement additions that increase comfort. But what would you say if we told you that it was possible to integrate all of these attributes into some of the most profitable home improvement ideas for Scottsdale homes? Here are three of our favorite tips that not only will improve the aesthetics and function – but also help improve the equity in your home in Scottsdale. Read more

Where to Start on a Home Renovation Project in Phoenix

Where to Start on a Home Renovation Project It’s common for homeowners in Phoenix to find affordable ways to spice up their homes – and increase property value. And one of the quickest growing trends in Arizona is the addition of several home renovation projects both in the city limits and suburbs. One question that many homeowners often ask is where to start on a home renovation project?

A Priority List Of Items Needed For Any Home Renovation Project

First – Always Begin With Setting A Budget

Whether you’re going to simply paint the house or take on a complete restoration project, the first and probably biggest step is to create a very strong budget. It’s often said that money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, in the construction industry, money is often the primary hurdle to overcome. This is why the best thing any homeowner can do is to create a solid budget of what they can afford to spend on any home renovation project. Read more

Bathroom Remodeling in Scottsdale AZ: Maximizing Your Space

Bathroom Remodeling in Scottsdale AZ One of the more popular projects taking off in recent months is many homeowners completing bathroom remodeling in Scottsdale AZ. Before you grab the sledgehammer and begin to remove all of your fixtures, slow down for a few minutes and think. Bathroom remodeling projects can be tricky. And one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is finding ways to maximize space into the remodeling project.

Steps To Take When Beginning Any Bathroom Remodeling

Step #1 – Complete a Strong Inventory of Essentials vs. Desires

The truth about bathrooms is they serve a purpose. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be filled with a few nice items that enhance the look and feel of this commonly used room. The first step that you should take when beginning a bathroom remodel is to take stock of the available space, along with a list of items you need to have inside the bathroom as well as a list of items you’d like to add. Read more

Five Ways To Save Energy During Our Hot Summers in Arizona

Ways to Save Energy during AZ Summers When it gets hot in Arizona, we all feel the financial pinch. A common reality of living in the desert is that our energy consumption rates often skyrocket during the hot summer months. Whether it’s due to the AC units running frequently or the constant use of swimming pools, the truth is that many homeowners often need to find efficient ways to save energy during AZ summers. Fortunately, we have a few tips especially for those that are looking into remodeling their homes soon.

Three Upgrades That Save Money During Our Hot Arizona Summers

First – Consider Upgrading to Energy Star® rated Major Appliances

Buying a new major appliance when you remodel a home might seem counterproductive, however, this idea has significant merit. We all know that as technology improves, so does efficiency. However, new US Department of Energy regulations have set forth tremendous requirements for energy efficiency in newly manufactured major appliances. This standard is known as Energy Star® rating. A new HVAC system that is Energy Star® rated has been shown to use between 20-35% less energy to produce similar comfort levels than older systems. And when you’re goal each summer is to save money and energy when it’s hot outside in Arizona, it simply makes sense to invest in a more energy efficient machine. Read more

Top 4 Summer Home Improvement Trends in Arizona

Home Improvement Trends Scottsdale When the weather gets hot – home owners in Arizona tend to look forward to keeping cool. When it comes to home improvement the growing trend is energy conservation while maximizing comfort. When you look at most of the growing remodeling trends, finding cost-effective ways to increase overall comfort while saving money on monthly utilities has become a real focus for many Americans.

Four of the Top Home Improvement Trends In AZ

First – Upgrading HVAC Systems

As technology improves, manufactures of HVAC systems have taken proactive steps to develop new systems that focus on using fewer natural resources to increase indoor comfort. Arizona home owners are starting to notice these improvements and have taken an interest in upgrading their older, energy-consuming HVAC systems with new, Energy Star® rated systems. Some of the most popular remodeling jobs include the installation of heat pump systems; designed to use the earth’s core and temperature to maintain an average temperature inside the home. Read more

Home Remodeling Contractors In Scottsdale Busy With Additions

Scottsdale Home Remodeling Contractors

One of the ‘perks’ of living in Arizona is the temperate climate. In fact, in a recent article, Forbes Magazine listed their top reasons for moving to Scottsdale, AZ, and they listed ‘great weather’ as number one. This great climate also has a way of convincing many family members to consider a move to the Valley of the Sun for health and financial reasons also. This has stimulated a remodeling spurt – especially for home remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. Read more