Peak One Builders Finishing Cory Remsburg‘s Home Renovation

Peak One Builders

Image Courtesy of JAH4WW

To say that the last six years has been a challenge for Army Ranger Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg would be an understatement. Since being severely injured in Afghanistan in 2009, the retired Army Vet has undergone extensive surgeries, therapy and to gain mastery over several daily tasks. Unfortunately, his home environment was not set up in a way to support Cory’s new lifestyle.

This is where the Peak One Builders team has stepped up to provide some knowledge and support to make common home living easier for Sergeant Remsburg and his family. Since August of 2014, several Phoenix-based businesses have chipped in to support a full home renovation project for Cory Remsburg – allowing one of our local hero’s is to live inside a home enhanced with several improvements that will permit him the freedom to live and move around in a comfortable environment. Read more