Scottsdale Custom Home Builder Trends Are Going Green

Scottsdale Custom Home Builder Being environmentally friendly is no longer a state of mind. With our natural resources depleting at alarming rates, it has become more critical than ever to be conscious about the materials that a Scottsdale custom home builder uses in construction. Fortunately, many of these custom home builders are led by proactive thinking people that have a head start on ensuring every home they build is ‘clean and green’.

Here are a few of the newest trends that a custom luxury home builder in Scottsdale will use to make sure your new home is energy efficient for several years. Read more

3 Interview Questions For Scottsdale Home Builders

scottsdale home builder The process of building a home is exactly that – a process. It takes time, planning, coordination and most importantly – patience. It’s for this reason and many more that the search for the best Scottsdale home builders will often come down to an actual sit-down interview. And contrary to popular belief, the answers that you receive during this interview can help you narrow down your search for custom home builders in Scottsdale that will fulfill your needs – and ensure quality results.

Here are a few questions that should always be a part of any sit down interview for builders that customize Scottsdale homes. Read more