Pros and Cons of Tiny Home Construction in Scottsdale

tiny home construction in ScottsdaleOne day the very idea of them was anathema to homeowners and the next day, there they were, popping up all over the countryside. We’re talking, of course, about tiny homes. The tiny home explosion has become wildly popular among those looking to simplify their lives and save money. But is a tiny home right for you? Explore the pros and cons of tiny home construction in Scottsdale so you can make the best decision for your new custom home building project.

Pro #1: Get Back to Basics and Live off the Grid

One of the biggest benefits of tiny home construction is the ability and the potential to live off the grid. These homes require so little maintenance and energy that you may be able to hook up a generator or solar kit and go completely off the grid. Cut your ties with technology and get back to basics!

Pro #2: Live the Quiet and Cozy Life

If you like to live cozy and quiet, a tiny home is definitely for you. These structures cut down on living space and deliver a quaint, close space where you can close yourself off from the rest of the world. Tiny homes are the very definition of “cozy.”

Pro #3: Have a New Home Quickly

It takes the average professional contractor about 120 hours (give or take) to build a tiny home, around a month of total construction! Consider that against the six months to two years it can take to build a large, full-sized home, and you can see the benefit of building tiny houses. Of course, you’ll want to ask your professional home builder for their time table, but the results are almost always faster.

Pro #4: Get a Whole Home for Less

Since tiny homes are far smaller than full-sized ones, they also tend to cost a lot less. If you’re looking to get a whole home of your own for a lot less money, go for a tiny house.

Con #1: It Can Feel Cramped

The converse of cozy living is cramped space. People who live in tiny houses sometimes report feeling very claustrophobic and closed-in. If you don’t do well in constrained spaces, this kind of living might not be for you.

Con #2: Forget about Storage

Tiny living areas create an economy of space. The point of tiny living is to minimize your life. If you’ve got a lot of stuff you’ll need an external storage facility, or you’ll need to offload some of it before you move into your new smaller space. There’s little to no storage in a tiny house.

Con #3: Not Much Room for Guests

You won’t be having many parties, social gatherings or even visitors in a tiny home. Without space for people to lounge and put a little distance between them, hosting others in your new home will be a challenge at best.

Con #4: Lower Resale Potential

Your tiny home won’t just be worth less money due to the smaller area, people will be less likely to line up to buy a tiny home. Despite the value they offer, these homes are still not something that most people actively look to buy. Especially if your living arrangements are to be temporary, keep this in mind.

If you’re wondering whether a tiny home is feasible for you, contact a professional custom Scottsdale tiny home construction company and get a full breakdown of the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your custom home build in Scottsdale.


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