3 Tips For Building An In Home Wine Cellar in Scottsdale

wine room construction scottsdaleOne of the most popular home improvement trends these days is the addition of creating a personal home wine cellar. And believe it or not, creating your own home wine cellar in Scottsdale is not as difficult as you’d think. If you stick to following a few steps – you’ll quickly discover that having a professional home improvement contractor build you a custom wine cellar can help you be the talk of the neighborhood.

Preparing to Build A Custom Wine Cellar Inside Your Scottsdale Home

Tip #1 – Pick a Location

Many people that are considering the installation of a home wine cellar often ask the question – “can I install a wine cellar anywhere?” In a word – yes. However, there are a few important elements that are critical to maintaining quality of wine that should be considered when choosing the location of your home wine cellar.

  • It should be built in the coolest and most humid place inside your home. A wine cellar should maintain a consistent temperature between 55-58 degrees F. It should also include a humidity level between 55-75%.
  • By building your wine cellar in a cool and humid location, it means you’ll save money on utility bills due to the fact that the temperature and humidifier controllers won’t have to work hard to keep that temp / humidity level consistent.
  • Most wine cellar units are a split type of system meaning you will have a supply unit inside the actual cellar, and a condenser located outside.  If it is possible, pick a location where you can easily place this exterior unit that is as close as possible to the cellar.

Tip #2 – Choose your Design

wine cellar construction scottsdale

The next important step for creating a new home wine cellar is to choose your design options. This will include several individual things to consider such as:

  • How large do you want your cellar to be built? Are you planning on collecting wine on a large scale or are you looking to keep a certain amount of inventory on hand?
  • What type of materials do you want to include in the wine cellar? Frequently the most important step here is choosing the wood that will be used in the finish product. It’s important to choose a wood that will handle cool and humid conditions.

It’s also important to consider what type of temperature controls and features you want to include inside your wine cellar. You should also consider electrical and plumbing requirements needed in order to keep your wine cellar in a constant temperature and humidity level.

Tip #3 – Create a Construction Plan

Once you decide on a design, and what materials you’ll want to create a beautiful wine cellar, you’ll then want to proceed into creating an effective construction plan. It’s best to always work with a professional home remodeling and construction expert on planning all phases of building your home wine cellar in Scottsdale. By involving the contractor in the entire process, you’ll also find that this will save you a tremendous amount of time, can save you money and will ensure the job is completed on time. Also, most DIY people tend to miss a very important step in installing the proper vapor barrier and doing it correctly to prevent any growth of mold from the humidity generated. Plus – you’ll find that by working with professional contractors, the finished product will exceed your expectations.