3 Tips for Creating Paradise Valley Modern House Plans

paradise valley modern house plansBuilding a custom home comes with many decisions for any homeowner to make. One of the first items on the punch list is creating a floor plan that fulfills your needs, wants and complies with any local ordinances depending on where you decide to build the property. A growing trend with Paradise Valley modern house plans is to incorporate décor and floor plans that are also built on entertaining and lifestyle – without compromising comfort and energy efficiency.

In order to help you determine how to create a floor plan that will help you build a house that is stylish, energy efficient and becomes the talk of your friends and family for all the right reasons.

Tip #1 – Decide Between Single Story or Two Story Floor Plan

The great think about working with a custom home construction company in Paradise Valley is the freedom to create that perfect home from scratch. However, before you start designing rooms, crown molding and choosing paint colors – you’ve first got to determine elevation. The decision for building a single or two-story custom home often is determined by a few important factors:

  • How many rooms do you want to have inside your custom home?
  • How long do you plan on living inside the home?
  • Are there any physical restrictions or handicaps that people have that would restrict the ability to handle stairs on a frequent basis?

Once you have a good answer to these questions, you can begin to work with the custom home builder to create a floor plan based on your needs and whether it’s a single or multiple-level home.

Tip #2 – Create the Floor Plan Around Your Lifestyle

It’s common for people that have taken time to create a beautiful custom home in Paradise Valley to have a desire to show it off to their friends and family. With this being said, it’s important to design your floor plan off your lifestyle as well. Home entertaining can and often will impact the overall look and feel of a home; but it can also impact your floor plan layout. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you like to host parties with multiple people attending? If so, integrating an open concept layout in public rooms like living rooms, kitchens and other gather places is a good idea.
  • Will you be home all year long – or do you live in the Phoenix Valley during certain times of year only?
  • Will there be young children around the home. Some floor plans can be customized to ensure safety for all those that are inside your home.

Tip #3 – Consider How Much Outdoor Living Space You Want

One item that many people tend to forget about when creating a floor plan for a custom home is the outdoor living space. Backyards and front yards are commonly a popular gathering place for people – especially in the cool fall and winter months – or outdoors at night during the spring and summer seasons. Think about the items you want to have on your property outside of the main home. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Are you going to add a swimming pool, patio or deck?
  • Do you wish to add a casita  or mother-in-law apartment?
  • Do you have a RV or some ‘toys’ that you’d like to store inside a ‘toy barn’?

Each of these individual elements must be answered before you begin to design or create any custom home. The best custom home builders in Paradise Valley always have time to work with you on answering these questions with facts on how they’ll impact your look, feel, budget and other considerations.


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