Top 7 Tips for Hiring Custom Home Builders in AZ

Tips for finding the best AZ custom home buildersAmericans are buying homes in record numbers with 2019 slated to be a year where more homes will get sold than in any other year in over a decade.

Why has home buying become so popular recently? A lot of reasons.

For example, owning a home allows you to be the master of your domain. It also allows you to build serious equity given that housing prices are outpacing inflation significantly.

If you’re like a lot of soon-to-be homeowners in Arizona, you may be leaning towards purchasing a custom-built home as opposed to buying into someone else’s vision of what a perfect home is.

If so, the biggest barrier to getting the custom home of your dreams is finding the right custom home builders in AZ for the job. Below, our team gives you some practical tips on how to filter down your home builder options.

1. Talk to Your Network

There’s no better way to get a business recommendation than by talking to a friend, a family member or neighbor. That’s why we always say that buyers should start their custom home builders in AZ search by talking to people they trust.

If you know somebody who recently had a custom home built that looks great from the outside, ask them about it. See if they’ll let you tour its inside and if they’ll share who their contractor was.

Even if you see a custom built home go up in your neighborhood that’s not owned by someone you know, don’t be shy and inquire about it anyway. Most people are excited to talk about their home building project and will recommend their contractor if they’re satisfied with them.

2. Do Some Online Research

If you’re having trouble finding custom home builders in AZ leads around your community, the internet is a great way to subsidize your search.

Look no further than Google, Yelp, and Facebook to see if any Arizona-based home builders have an online presence you can investigate. Pay extra attention to any reviews and testimonials past clients have left the home builder you’re considering as they can be a tell-tale sign of the quality of work you’ll get.

3. Always Look at Portfolios

Getting a custom home built is a massive investment. You’ll want to make sure that the home builder you’re engaging has done work in the past that reassures you of their talent.

The best way to do that is to look over their portfolio. A qualified custom home builder in AZ will willingly show you pictures of their work. Some will even drive you by local homes they’ve worked on so you can see them in person.

Most builder portfolios can be found through their website or will be made available upon request so don’t be afraid to ask about them.

4. Assess the Builder’s Communication

A good builder is one that’s willing to answer any questions their client poses. They’re also open to communicating frequently since they realize the home building process is a highly collaborative effort that can require a lot of dialogue.

Does the home builder you’re considering seem responsive to your emails or phone calls? Can you text them if you have a question?

If you’re feeling like you’re getting the cold shoulder when you’re first engaging a home builder, chances are that their communication will only get worse as your relationship presses forward.

5. Ask About Timeline

Every person who is looking for custom home builders in AZ has a timeline in mind.

Maybe they’re trying to get into their new home before a major holiday. Maybe they’re trying to move before someone’s birthday.

Whatever your timeline is, share it with your home builder and ask that they give you an honest assessment as to whether or not they can meet your expectations.

Many good home builders already have projects in their pipeline which can slow down the completion of your project. The more upfront both parties can be about expectations, the better chance you and your home builder will have of sharing a good rapport.

6. Weigh Your Options

Each home builder you consider may have a radically different approach to your project. Finding which approach is best for your sensibilities is an important responsibility you need to keep in mind when finding the right contractor for your job.

Be sure to engage more than one home builder so you can compare visions. Engaging multiple builders also gives you the opportunity to weigh bids to see which company can offer you the most value.

The more diligence you do when it comes to exploring your options, the better your chances will be of finding the perfect building partner.

7. Trust Your Gut

There are a lot of fly-by-night contractors out there that are looking to take your money and not finish your home building job or who will do cut-rate work. You can usually fish these home builders out quickly.

Most will come in with extraordinarily low bids. They’ll be hesitant to get a lot of your agreements in writing. They’ll ask that you pay exorbitant deposits on your project…

Bottom line, if something doesn’t seem right with your home builder, keep looking.

Wrapping Up Tips for Hiring Custom Home Builders in AZ

If you’re looking for custom home builders in AZ, we recommend leveraging our tips above to make sure you end up working with the right company.

We also recommend that you start your home builder search by contacting our group at Peak One Builders & Restoration.

At Peak One, we’ve been helping Arizona families bring the homes of their dreams into reality for years. Let us provide you with the same value.

Learn more about our custom home building services and contact us for your free estimate today!


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