5 Tips for Million Dollar Home Remodeling in Paradise Valley

Million Dollar Home Remodeling in Paradise ValleyLuxury homeowners naturally become thrilled at the prospect of their million dollar home remodeling in Paradise Valley. At the same time, they should temper their excitement with caution and a professional approach to the project. A home is a significant investment, and you would only want to make luxury home improvements that enhance that investment. You should only consider luxury home remodeling ideas that will add both utility and value.

To help keep your project focused on providing the most benefit to you and your property in the long run, consider these five tips for remodeling your luxury home:

Make Most of Your Decisions Early On

Coming up with a general vision of your remodel project can be rewarding, but getting down into the nitty-gritty of every minute decision can become overwhelming. This reaction often means waiting to make final decisions on things like color, trim, hardware, materials and so on until later. The problem is that even a minor decision can have a huge effect on your project. For instance, the shade of paint you choose can have a dramatic effect on the project’s lighting design.

To avoid problems like these, create a comprehensive description of your project goals. Include the functions you want fixtures to serve as well as the emotions you want your space to evoke.

Consider Working with a Professional Designer

Having a professional designer or draftsman make drawings or concept art of your project can help a contractor know exactly what they are going for. The designer may also be able to fill you in on the latest remodeling trends.

Even if you end up modifying some of the ideas, the Paradise Valley contractor can match the changes to fit the original intent and vision of the project. Bringing concrete “proofs of concept” to the table like this gives you better control over the project outcome and ensures that your remodel will have the impressive impact you intended.

Put Your Expectations in Writing

We may have already covered this in points one and two, but there simply cannot be enough emphasis on having your project outlined in detail to ensure that you get exactly what you want. The less changes you have to make mid-project, the less chance it could go over schedule or over budget.

Separate Occupied Areas from Remodeled Ones During Construction

The simplest way to have your remodeling work done quicker is to avoid using the remodeled spaces entirely during the project.  Keeping pets and children out of these areas is a particular priority. You and your contractor can seal out these areas from occupied ones using heavy plastic. This tactic prevents dust from entering the rest of the home along with intrusions and damage that can hurt a project’s outcome.

Ask Your Contractor for References

We all have something we are good at. A luxury remodeling contractor in Paradise Valley will be the same way. They may have particular skills at tile work, patio remodels or other projects that allow them to achieve your project goals with flying colors.

To ensure that a luxury contractor will be the right one for the job, ask to see photos of past work they have done that was similar. If possible, see if you can speak to their earlier clients to learn about the remodel experience and how the final results have panned out over the long term.

These tips will help ensure that the final results of your luxury home remodel will be nothing less than spectacular. Following them may add effort on your part, but the results will be well worth it.


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