Creating a Masterpiece: Top Tips for the Perfect Master Bathroom Remodel

Create a masterpiece master bathroom remodel with a luxury bathroom remodeler in ScottsdaleDo you plan on a whole house remodel?

You probably have ideas for every room… except for the bathroom. It’s common to get stumped when it comes to bathroom design.

But your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, your bathroom should be personalized.

This includes the master bathroom — this bathroom is all yours so your bathroom design should reflect your personality.

If you’re preparing for your master bathroom remodel, here are some tips to create a bathroom that’s a work of art.


The first thing you need to figure out is your bathroom style. Whether you’re going all out or want a minimalist bathroom, the style is the first thing you notice when you enter your bathroom.

Your bathroom can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. You can create intricate themes for your bathroom — creating an under the sea bathroom or even something out of the ordinary such as a Halloween-themed bathroom.

But simple designs work beautifully in the bathroom. Stick to a certain color theme or just focus on decorating your bathroom with nice paintings and knick-knacks.


Like the master bedroom, the master bathroom needs great materials. The towels, the shower curtain, the rugs, and all of the furniture makes for a well-crafted bathroom.

But what makes a “great” material is up to you.

Are you the kind of person who takes a luxurious bathroom and wraps up in a soft robe and marshmallow towels? Focus on comfort.

Are you the kind of homeowner who loves out-of-the-ordinary rugs or shower curtains? Focus on unique materials.

You’ll also have to pay attention to the more important materials, such as the countertops, sink, toilet, and shower. Focus on what you want.

If you want luxury, focus on fine materials such as granite and a shower meant for the rich. Or, find the weirdest designs and call it a day.

The Layout

Are you totally changing the bathroom’s layout? This should be done with the help of a designer. Have an idea in mind and discuss your options with a designer. Here are some specifics you’ll need to consider:

Shower or Bath

If there’s one area that should be revamped, it’s the shower. Whether you want a giant tub for a fancy bath or a minimalist shower, it’s important to buy the latest shower or tub.

The shower you choose depends on the type of shower you want and how quickly you’re in and out.

For the layout, your best option is to choose a small tub. If you don’t plan on taking a bath, why bother taking up so much space with a huge tub? But if you do plan on taking a bath, the tub will be the dominant feature of the bathroom.

You also have more options when it comes to choosing a shower. There are many shower head options. These include:

  • Overhead showerheads
  • Wall-mounted showerheads
  • Hand-held showerhead
  • Rain bars
  • Steam showers

All of these showers do the same job, but the layout depends on your preference.


The sink may seem like something minuscule when you should pay attention to the type of sink and the number of sinks you have.

The average homeowner chooses to have two sinks in their master bathroom.

This gives plenty of room for you and one other person (usually your spouse) while you have plenty of counter and mirror room. No more than two sinks are recommended because your plumbing costs will rise.

The Toilet

The toilet is the most delicate aspect of the bathroom but is also one of the most important features. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re comfortable while you do your business.

Discuss where you want your toilet. Don’t feel embarrassed when you tell your designer specifics, such as if you want a separate room for your toilet. The designer will abide by your needs to ensure you get the best master bathroom.

Universal Design

When it comes to the smaller bathroom design details, many homeowners don’t have any knowledge or even any care. This is when a designer will apply universal design.

These design features are primarily in every effective and stylish bathroom.

Some of these aspects include:

  • Wide doorways
  • Low shower and bathtub entrances
  • Large shower doors
  • More floor space

Don’t worry about your bathroom looking ordinary or trendy. These details are so minor and will blend into your unique design.

Other Important Details

Is this advice not enough? There’s no shame in splurging on a master bathroom. It’s your bathroom! Spice up it up however you want. If you want smaller and added details, discuss your options with your bathroom designer.

If you want a bathroom fit for a celebrity, add some fancy touches. A large chandelier, TV in front of the bathtub, and warming drawers for your towels and robes are perfect for a luxurious bathroom.

If you just want extra space for your beauty products, install an added area for your hair dryer, hair straightener, and curling iron. Make sure there’s plenty of countertop room and space for your myriad of makeup and skincare products.

If you just want a simple bathroom with no added details, make your bathroom as relaxing as possible. Have low-lighting options and use candles or incense. Make sure your towels and robe are always soft.

Always have air fresheners so the bathroom always smells nice. These touches may seem minor, but they will add ambiance to any bathroom.

Time to Do Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Are you excited about your master bathroom remodel but are unsure about what you want?

There are aspects all homeowners should have, such as deciding between shower size and smaller universal details.

But there are also more personalized features, such as having a TV in the bathroom and deciding on a unique design.

When you hire a designer and complete your bathroom renovation, the final product will be worth the hassle and decision-making.

Are you in Scottsdale and want to renovate your master bathroom? Take a look at our services.


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