Top 4 Summer Home Improvement Trends in Arizona

Home Improvement Trends ScottsdaleWhen the weather gets hot – home owners in Arizona tend to look forward to keeping cool. When it comes to home improvement the growing trend is energy conservation while maximizing comfort. When you look at most of the growing remodeling trends, finding cost-effective ways to increase overall comfort while saving money on monthly utilities has become a real focus for many Americans.

Four of the Top Home Improvement Trends In AZ

First – Upgrading HVAC Systems

As technology improves, manufactures of HVAC systems have taken proactive steps to develop new systems that focus on using fewer natural resources to increase indoor comfort. Arizona home owners are starting to notice these improvements and have taken an interest in upgrading their older, energy-consuming HVAC systems with new, Energy Star® rated systems. Some of the most popular remodeling jobs include the installation of heat pump systems; designed to use the earth’s core and temperature to maintain an average temperature inside the home. Not only does a heat pump system keep you home comfortable each month, but it can also save as much as 50% on your monthly energy bills.

Second – Installing New Windows

Another growing trend in Arizona, especially in older homes is the replacement of windows to, once again, find ways to improve indoor comfort and maximize energy efficiency. Today’s new windows are manufactured with higher-quality materials that results in less warm or cool air entering or escaping the home. In fact, it is estimated that older windows can lead to a 30% loss in energy – especially when the window seals are worn out entirely. Many home owners are having window seals replaced as a temporary solution – but more often than not, the home improvement trend growing is the complete replacement of windows.

Third – Upgrading Flooring Options

As much as the first two trends are about energy improvement, the next item on our list is more about style and comfort. Whether you currently have carpet, hardwood flooring or tile, many home owners simply get ‘tired’ with their flooring – and thus have gone towards upgrading their flooring inside their homes. There are some new ceramic tiles manufactured today that look just like hardwood flooring but last much longer – and retain heat and cool temperatures much better than older flooring options. It’s also common for Arizona home owners to consider multiple flooring options – even in the same room. Some examples of this include installing tile in an entry or walk way and carpet in the primary room.

Fourth – Installing Indoor Organizational Options

Our final item on the list of growing home improvement trends in Arizona is finding creative ways to maximize space and stay organized. In the home improvement sector, this could mean installing new cabinets, built-in storage bins (especially inside bedrooms and located next to a window to create a window seat) upgrading kitchen storage spaces, installing larger pantries and even creating detailed storage rooms inside garages. The trend here is to maximize storage space and to remove as much clutter as possible.

As you can see, there are several home improvement trends that focus primarily on efficiency. So if you’re looking to make any home improvements in Arizona, consider the above items as smart and affordable ways to improve the look and function of your home – while also saving money and time each month.