Top 5 Scottsdale Residential Construction "FAILS" to Avoid

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Getting in over one’s head often yields negative results – regardless of the project you’re undertaking. However, it canget downright ugly when it comes to residential construction projects in Phoenix. Whether it’s mistakes made by the contractors or the home owners, in the end; the person doing the hiring is and should be responsible for making sure that every ‘I’ is dotted and all “T’s” are crossed to ensure that their home improvement or custom home construction project goes off without a hitch.

Since this is a statement of fact, here are five of the most common residential home construction ‘fails’ that any home owner should avoid at all costs.

#1 – DIY at the Wrong Time

Although many of the popular home improvement shows on TV tend to ‘look easy enough’ to complete, the reality begins to sink in when you get in over your head with a do it yourself project. This is why the first residential construction mistake that any home owner should always avoid is getting in over your head with any project. Regardless of how easy it might seem to be – always do the research about any project including:

  • Ensure to compile a complete budget
  • Know what tools are required to do the job – and that you have the skills to safely use these tools correctly
  • Understand how much time it will take to complete the project – safely and correct the first time
  • Make sure to choose an energy efficient homebuilder in Scottsdale

When you follow these three rules, you’ll quickly discover that many DIY projects should be classified as ‘Call in the Professionals’.

#2 – Forgetting to Get Permits

Believe it or not, the most common mistake that home owners tend to make during any construction project is ‘assumption of risk’. The truth is that although there are many private contractors that will take care of all building permits, ultimately, the responsibility falls on the property owner. Never ‘assume’ that your contractor will pull all permits. Before you sign any contract or agreement, make sure it’s clearly articulated and documented WHO is responsible for obtaining all permits from local code enforcement.

#3 – Obtain a Completion Date Estimate

Many home improvement projects or custom home building projects are completed by private contractors. And the number one leading cause of over-budgeting is extended time to complete the project. This is why the third thing you should always avoid is an open ended completion date. Regardless of where you are planning to build, an experienced general building contractor in Scottsdale will always be able to provide you with an estimated completion date and incorporate that into their price quote. Although there are legitimate reasons for a delay, such as ‘Acts of God’ – make sure those are clearly spelled out in your contract so that at closing you don’t have an unexpected extra few thousand dollars on the bill.

#4 – Poor Communications during All Phases of the Construction

It’s literally impossible for new Scottsdale homeowners to always be onsite during a complete home rebuilding project. And even if they are – it’s quite common for communication gaps to occur between many contractors and the clients. Before you hire any contractor, make sure they have several contingency plans for effectively communicating with you including:

  • Asking and clarifying the best methods to communicate with you
  • Providing guidelines about when you need to be contacted for any changes or approval
  • Always communicate any changes via email. This is critical as it’s documented in writing – so it will cover you in case there is any confusion.

#5 – Always Consider Resale Value

Finally, when you’re planning your residential construction project in Scottsdale, it’s vital that you consider the resale value of any projects you undertake. The goal of any construction project; whether it’s a simple upgrade, addition or complete Scottsdale residential construction is to provide extended value to the home owners. Unless you have endless supplies of cash to burn – it’s very important to consider cost vs. resale when you’re planning any construction project.

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