Top Outdoor Patio Ideas That Are Easy To Complete In Arizona

back-yard-patio-ideas-phoenix-azWe all enjoy pending time outside – especially during the relaxing fall months in Arizona. And as most home owners know, creating an outdoor patio that is both stylish and functional can be either expensive or time consuming. If you are in the position of needing to get new outdoor patio ideas or looking to update your older patio with fresher and more functional items, we have some tips for you.

Outdoor Patio Ideas That Are Making Waves Across The US This Summer

#1 – Upgrading To Outdoor Kitchen

Virtually every homeowner has grilled something at some time in his or her lives. And one of the quickest growing trends in Arizona is installing outdoor kitchen areas. An outdoor kitchen often adds a few important elements to your outdoor patio including:

  • A source to cook with pots and pans
  • A traditional BBQ or outdoor grill
  • Sink and preparation areas for cooking
  • Refrigeration of some sort
  • A dining area

This can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on how extreme you want to take your outdoor décor.

#2 – Installation Of The Pergola

If you watch DIY Network or other home improvement shows on TV, you’ll quickly notice how popular pergola installation is becoming across the country. However, installation of a new pergola in Arizona has many factors that you may have never considered:

  • A pergola should withstand the extreme elements.
  • A pergola should offers some open sunlight – which is a nice feature to have during winter, fall and spring months
  • The pergola, being open, should also allow home owners to enjoy the stars in evening hours above
  • Pergolas are very affordable and highly decorative

Pergolas should enhance the overall look and feel of your outdoor patio space as a wonderful centerpiece.

#3 – Fire Features Are Fantastic

Although it can get rather hot in the desert, the addition of a fire feature can really sizzle your outdoor décor. Many home owners in Arizona have fire pits installed in their backyards, however, a growing trend is the addition of natural gas fueled fire features, that not only will provide a bit of warmth so you can enjoy your patio year-round, but also a stylistic improvement.

Another growing trend that is related to fire features is installing decorative outdoor heaters. From tiki-torches to custom made propane/natural gas heating units, there are literally dozens of potential heat sources you can purchase when creating an impressive outdoor patio.

#4 – Outdoor Canopy Beds

When the sun dips behind the mountains, and the weather starts to cool down, taking time to relax outside on a comfortable outdoor canopy bed is really a great way to enjoy the outdoors. This is why many metro area homes in the Phoenix area are starting to add outdoor canopy beds to their outdoor décor arsenal. Plus, when the weather cools down a bit, and you want to soak up some sunlight to work on a tan, lying down on a comfortable, weather proof bed really is relaxing.

Regardless of what time of year it might be, it’s never too early to look into outdoor patio ideas that will provide more function and style to your outdoor living in Arizona.

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