7 Sleek Trends in Modern Luxury Homes

trends in modern homesThe 2017 trends for modern luxury homes are focused on innovative designs, added storage space, and indoor recreation.

Both homeowners and home buyers want custom-made homes to resort to after a long day, but also recreational areas where they can have fun.

Large closets seem to be a constant trend in high-end homes and are often spread on the square footage of more than one room.

Keep reading to discover the best trends for luxury real estate and how you can implement them in your own home.

1. A Designer Kitchen

Kitchens are becoming the center of the home, not only for cooking but also for social gatherings.

In luxury homes, designer kitchens are crafted with premium appliances, clean lines, and plenty of space.

Very often, they come with wine coolers, walk-in pantries, tall cabinets, warming drawers, and high-tech features.

2. Walk-In Closets

In 2017 modern luxury homes, walk-in closets are more than just an addition to a room. The main characteristics of the closets are built-in organization units, crystal chandeliers, backdrop lighting, islands, and neutral colors for a luxury feel.

They remain to be a sought-after amenity for homeowners and buyers alike.

3. Indoor Recreation Space

For luxury homes in areas with fewer sunny days, indoor recreation space is the perfect solution for year-round fun.

We’re talking full-size basketball courts doubling as ballrooms, indoor pools, gyms, fully-equipped movie theaters, and surf simulators.

4. Mixed Metals

In recent years, adding more than one metal to decorative or working surfaces is becoming a popular choice for luxury homeowners.

Kitchens have oil-rubbed bronze sinks paired with antique brass faucets. Polished nickel is mixed with silver and chrome elements.

In otherwise minimalistic designs, these combinations add life and elegance to high-end homes.

5. Top Notch Security

Modern luxury properties never go without top-notch security. This includes infrared cameras, face, and fingerprint recognition software, or impenetrable windows.

But with safety being a priority for luxury homes, homeowners choose even more advanced systems.

These include night vision surveillance cameras, backup power generators, ceiling devices that release pepper spray to intruders and bullet-proof doors.

6. Smart Home Technology Systems

Homeowners want to turn on and off everything in the home with a single touch of a button. They like the convenience of remote-controlled curtains, lights, entertainment systems, voice assistants, alarms and security cameras.

This trend continues to be popular in 2017. Homeowners can schedule everything through their smartphones, even outside of the home.

7. Earthy Colors Combined With Saturated Tones

The overall feel of many luxury homes is neutral, with a touch of saturated color in the accessories, textiles or furniture.

Earthy colors like beige, ivory or eggshell are combined with strong purples, blues, greens, and yellows. This is to provide a fun, yet luxurious accent to the home.

Now You Know the 2017 Trends for Modern Luxury Homes!

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up or remodel your home, these 2017 trends will fit right into your aesthetics.

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