Troon Home Improvement Tips for Selling at Top Dollar

Troon home improvement tips for sellingThere are two basic reasons to remodel your home—either you’re staying and want to improve your own comfort, or you’re leaving and looking to boost resale value. For those who are looking to sell their home, it’s important to make the right renovations so you don’t spend more than you get out of it. Discover a list of the very best Troon home improvement tips for selling your house, getting the best value, and how a home renovation contractor can help.

Focus on the High Use Areas

The first rule of home renovation to increase value is to focus on those areas of the home that will see the highest use. The most popular areas for renovation are the bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen remodel. These are rooms where people not only spend a lot of time, they look for extra features. You could certainly add built-in shelves to your living room, but in the end, there aren’t a lot of add-ons for those spaces.

Kitchens and bathrooms, on the other hand, benefit from additions like natural stone counters, recessed appliances, hidden outlets, added lighting, and other features. These are definitely where you want to focus your work.

Open Floor Plans Increase Utility

Open floor plans are all the rage these days and for good reason. They improve the flow through your house—both air and energy. They make the home feel freer and less claustrophobic. They also vastly increase usable space. Think carefully about tackling an open floor plan in your Troon home remodel.

Unify Your Design and Color

It’s important to remain neutral if you’re remodeling for sale. You want your home to present as a beautiful but blank canvas on which the new owner can paint their ideal picture. That means, also, that you want your design and color schemes to be complementary throughout.

Many people create great color schemes and ignore home fixtures, which can create a clash. Pay attention to matching your fixture design and color throughout the home, and keep it all unified.

Natural Light Is Best

Improving your home means making it as bright as possible. While you could include lots of track lighting and overhead lamps, it’s far better to focus on natural light. Not only is it brighter, natural light tends to be warmer and more welcoming. It’s also less hard on the eyes.

Even better, natural light is eco-friendly. It saves power, creates zero carbon footprint, and can save you a lot of money on utility bills. Many people specifically look for natural lighting in the homes they buy, so anything you can do to increase natural light is a great option to improve your home’s value.

Of course, you’ll get the most out of your renovation job by working with an outstanding custom home remodeling contractor in Troon.


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