Troon Living Room Remodel [Style Guide]

troon living room remodelWhile kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms to remodel, living rooms are right behind them. Changing up the layout and style of your living room can give your entire house a different feel and really showcase your individual sense of style and aesthetic. It can brighten things up and make the room where you relax the most welcoming in the house. Get the absolute most out of your Troon living room remodel by checking out this great style guide full of tips, tricks, and ideas for a modern renovation.

Explore an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are all the rage these days and for good reason. They create a terrific flow of energy in your home, improve the air quality and are relaxing and inviting. You’ll want to make sure it’s safe to knock out or open up walls, of course, and when you’re undertaking such a major project it’s best to work with a good Troon home remodeling contractor. The end result can completely change your enjoyment of your home for the better.


Let in the Daylight

Here are a few things to consider about daylight when planning your living room remodel. First, the more daylight you let into your home, the less need you’ll have for electric lights. Proper use of daylight can also help to keep your home warm in the winter. It can improve your mood too, plus it’s healthier for you, helping to boost Vitamin D levels, which are critically low in many people. Make your windows larger and consider a skylight. Do what you can to increase the amount of natural light in your home.


Live in the Lap of Luxury

You’re renovating your living room for a reason; why wouldn’t you go all-out? Upgrade your furniture and accoutrements to the best you can afford. Higher-end furnishings don’t cost more for no reason. You get what you pay for. Adding luxury touches won’t just create an impressive look; it’ll increase your own comfort and ability to enjoy your living room.


Don’t Skimp on the Floor and Ceiling

A lot of people forego upgrading the floor and ceiling while they’re renovating. Sometimes it’s because they don’t feel it necessary. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t think about it. If you perform huge changes but leave the ceiling and floor the same, you’re short-changing yourself, and the lack of attention will be noticeable.

Consider cleaning up the flooring and going with gorgeous natural hardwood. Alternatively, go with laminate flooring that looks just like hardwood. In terms of the ceiling, think about custom tiling. Consider a barrel-vaulted design or a tray ceiling. Give exposed beams a paint job or borrow a vigas design to present a real Southwestern feel.


These ideas are just the beginning. The ideas for a great living room remodel are endless, and your remodeling contractor is bound to be full of ideas that are both trendy and unique as well as tailored to your tastes and style. There’s no better time to get started than today.


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