Ultimate Guide to Spa Bathroom Remodel in Cave Creek

Spa Bathroom Remodel in Cave CreekThe bathroom has generally been considered one of the utilitarian rooms of your home where modern design and creature comforts simply aren’t needed. However, discerning homeowners are starting to realize that the bathroom is just as important as the other rooms of the home, which is why many people are interested in building a spa bathroom.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, it’s important to learn about some of the most popular spa bathroom trends. Here are a few tips for your spa bathroom remodel in Cave Creek that should help you build the spa bathroom of your dreams.


In a spa bathroom, the most important feature is the tub. To get the perfect spa feel, you should make sure that your tub is large, freestanding and positioned in the center of the room. When it comes to design, the ideal aesthetic is somewhere between traditional and modern. You want to make sure that your tub has a timeless appearance that you’ll love year after year. Picking the right tub is crucial for the success of your spa remodel.


Almost as important as the tub in your spa bathroom is the shower. The shower should be the other dominant feature in your spa bathroom, and should take up enough space so that you have room to move around when you’re in the shower. Most spa showers have multiple comfort features. For example, many may come equipped with a bench so that you can get a steam room feel.

Spa showers will also feature advanced shower heads. This can include rainfall shower heads that cover a larger surface area than the traditional varieties.


The drawback of many bathrooms is feeling cramped while using your sink. Spa bathrooms avoid this issue by employing large dual vanities. These vanities will include two large sinks with stylish fixtures, and will also provide ample storage space for your various toiletries. When designing the vanity for your spa bathroom, it’s a good idea to consult with a Cave Creek remodeling contractor to make sure that your needs are being met exactly.

Flooring & Walls

The flooring and walls of your bathroom are most responsible for the feel of the room. This makes it extremely important that you choose the right style. Tile is still a great choice in a spa bathroom, as it gives a clean appearance. While subtle, uniform coloring is trendy in a spa bathroom, you could also choose patterned tiling if you want the floors and walls in your bathroom to have a unique look.

A good idea is to try and match the flooring in your bathroom to your tub and shower to pull the room together.

Additional Features

A high-quality spa bathroom will include advanced luxury features that make for a supremely comfortable room. Many spa showers, for instance, are equipped with a steam function to mimic a day in the spa. Another popular choice is installing heated floors so that your feet are never cold when on the tile. Whatever additional features you choose, they should be focused on adding to the comfort of your bathroom.



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