Water Damage Services In Scottsdale For Washing Machine Flood


water damage washing machine

When you experience a flood inside your Scottsdale home due to a broken water line attached to your washing machine – it can literally cause a series of headaches to pop up. From water sitting inside your home to the walls, flooring, cabinets and other household items that are damaged, it seems that a simple water hose breaking can quickly spread to a significant restoration project. However, there are a few important water damage services in Scottsdale that are provided by professional home restoration experts that can expedite the clean-up and repair process – along with ensuring that the job is done right to protect your health.

Here are some of the best water damage repair services that are offered by professionals that specialize in fixing the damage done by that annoying washing machine flood.

Water Extraction Services In Scottsdale

Shortly after stopping the water leak by shutting off water supply, the first thing that needs to be done by a professional water removal services company in Scottsdale is simply removing all of the water – safely. This is done by using state-of-the-art water extraction equipment first. A dependable company that provides water removal in Scottsdale will first inspect the damage, move any equipment and then make sure that all of the standing water is completely removed before advancing to the drying and restoration phase. Standing water can lead to the spread and growth of mold in Scottsdale – and if you develop a mold issue – that can cause that small headache to transform to a full-blown migraine.

Water Damage Drying Process In Scottsdale

The second step is to activate a drying protocol – where by use of heat drying technology including the use of dehumidifiers and powerful air-moving and circulation equipment. It’s very important to make sure that all water – even the smallest traces of dampness inside of your carpet, flooring, walls and other areas are handled and removed as quickly as possible. Since most homes have drywall – water will soak into this material like a sponge. And it’s very difficult to extract water from a wall.

FLIR Infrared Technology

Once the water has been removed and the majority of water displaced and fully dried, a professional restoration company will then use FLIR infrared technology to rapidly locate any walls that are wet – as noted above. These companies utilize this advanced technology to determine how high moisture from the washing machine leak has spread into the walls. This leads to the company documenting this through moisture mapping – which is required paperwork that your insurance will need in order to completely cover the claims.

The best companies that offer water damage services in Scottsdale will always be proactive and up-front about the services they provide. Simply take time to call a dependable water restoration company in Scottsdale if you have any questions about what to do in case of emergency water damage that has occurred inside your home.

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