What To Look For With Handicap Remodeling Contractors In Scottsdale

Handicap Remodeling Contractors in ScottsdaleLiving with a physical handicap is difficult enough without having to worry about simple things we often take for granted. For example – it’s relatively easy for the average individual to step into a shower, or to walk down a hall or simply open a door. But when life throws us a curve ball and a physical limitation has become a reality, making adjustments to a home is no longer a luxury – it’s needed. And the experts that provide this service are handicap remodeling contractors in Scottsdale.

There are a few special qualities that the best handicap home remodelers have that ensure you’ll have ADA compliant remodeling standards with a focus on overall quality.

First – The Best Handicap Home Remodelers are Compassionate

Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between feeling sorry for something and having compassion. Those that are compassionate often provide solutions to problems as opposed to simply highlighting problems and pointing fingers of responsibility. This is why it’s critical to hire a home remodeling contractor that has experience working with people that have physical limitations and their previous work indicates a dedication to solving their hurdles with ease – and a touch of style to match. One of the biggest misconceptions told is that handicap remodeling can’t be stylistic. That’s not the case when you work with a compassionate home remodeler.

Second – Make sure they can install Handicap Showers

There is something refreshing about taking a relaxing shower. However, a reality that many people with physical disabilities face is not being able to do this often simple task. The professional handicap remodelers in Scottsdale  with experience also have clever ways of creating handicap showers to fit the specific needs of each individual customer. Always ask the contractor about what type of bathing solution they’d recommend for the specific physical limitation. If they tell you that all handicap showers are identical – that simply isn’t true.

Third – Ensure the Home has the Correct Handicap Door Width Factored in the Remodeling Project

Attention to details is especially critical when working with handicap remodeling projects. And one of the most important details in ensuring that all doors inside the home are compliant with handicap door width requirements as articulated by the ADA. Handicap doors are wider than most, mainly due to wheelchair navigation issues inside of a home. However, there are several doors in most homes – so it’s important that the remodeling contractor has the experience to increase door width as needed across the home to ensure the individual can safely navigate themselves through the entire house.

Fourth – ADA Remodeling Standards Must be followed at All Times

A general contractor that is licensed in the State of Arizona will understand the importance of following code regulations in all construction remodeling projects. However, when it comes to handicap remodeling, the primary codes to follow come from the American’s with Disabilities Act. The ADA was enacted in 1990 and written by Illinois Senator Tom Harkin. It is mainly aimed to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination however there are several sections of the bill that also focus on making sure public locations have ADA compliant access for individuals with physical limitations. This is applicable for private home owners in many cases – but any handicap remodeling project needs to follow ADA standards from beginning to completion.

Finally – Work with a Company that has Experience in Home Remodeling for Disabled Veterans

There are many people who have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedom and liberty that we all share by living in the United States of America. Sometimes these wounded warriors come home with physical limitations and need to have improvements made to their homes. Whether or not your home renovation project is for a wounded warrior – it’s important to know that companies that have this experience often have their priorities straight – and are not new to the traumatic injuries that impact all members of the families. They have the experience to ensure your project is completed professionally, on time and always within budgetary restrictions.


If you have a renovation project focused on creating freedom of mobility by modifying a home to be wheelchair or handicapped accessible contact Peak One Builders & Restoration to discuss your project. We feel our partnership with Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors has properly prepared us to handle your project. Call (480) 569-7977 Today or submit a request via email.

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