Let Your Guests Live in Luxury With a New Guest Home

New luxury guest homeDid you know that spending more time with friends and family offers tons of health benefits, from reducing stress to encouraging healthy eating?

That’s right.

However, if you don’t live close to your loved ones, it can be hard to spend as much time together as you’d like.

But what if you had your very own luxury guest home?

Creating a dedicated space for visitors to stay in is a great way to enhance your life, and it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Keep reading for some top tips on creating your own guest house. Read more

5 Ideas For Luxury Custom Bathrooms

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not create a spa-worthy space that reflects your personal style and needs. From quartz floors to stylish tubs, there are many ways to remodel your bathroom and turn it into a luxurious retreat.

Need inspiration for your new bathroom? In this article, we’ll cover 5 ideas for luxury custom bathrooms, so you can create a custom space that’s uniquely you. Read more

5 Reasons to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space Before Spring

Transform Your Outdoor Living SpaceDo get as much use out of your backyard as you’d like to?

Or has it turned into dead space?

It’s easy to neglect your backyard over winter, and by the time spring comes around you, might be left with a space that isn’t particularly appealing to spend time in.

Luckily, that can all change with a well-planned remodel. If you’re willing to invest in your backyard, it could soon become the most popular part of your property.

Want to find out exactly why transforming your outdoor living space is a good idea?

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What Are the Latest Kitchen Trends of 2018?

2018 kitchen trendsThere are a lot of questions you should ask yourself before you begin remodeling a kitchen.

Determining your budget and picking a kitchen remodeling company to work with are obvious decisions to start with, but there’s more to the planning process.

For example, you should think carefully about what your design aesthetic is, and what you want the final product to look like. Because the kitchen is one room of our homes where we spend time every day, it’s important that you love the look of your upgrade.

The look of your kitchen should reflect your style, but should also be in line with what modern homebuyers want. If you ever have to move, a kitchen upgrade could be a great selling point.

Below, we’re reviewing some of the latest kitchen trends that you may want to consider when planning the look of your remodel.

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What to Do Before Hiring Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

What-to-Do-Before-Hiring-Kitchen-Remodeling-ContractorsA kitchen remodel is so much fun in the planning stages, but when it comes to hiring contractors, it’s hard to know who to pick.

Avoid the confusion by planning ahead. Follow our tips and you’ll be armed with everything you need before you hire your kitchen remodeling contractors. Read more

5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Shower Remodel

5-Dos-and-Donts-of-a-Shower-RemodelThe shower: relaxing break from the world, or total headache-inducing nightmare?

It depends on how much you plan it in advance. Remodeling is expensive, so the more prior thought you give it, the more satisfied you’re likely to be.

That’s why we’ve put together 5 dos and don’ts of a shower remodel. Read more

5 Benefits of Having a Home Theater

Benefits-of-Having-a-Home-TheaterIs your house just where you sleep or where you enjoy living?

A home theater can help transform your house, making it feel more luxurious.

No matter your specific tastes, you’ll find great benefits from having a customized entertainment space in your home.

Keep reading as we examine 5 of the most important below. Read more

What Style of Swimming Pool Should You Add to Your Home?

What-Style-of-Swimming-Pool-Should-You-Add-to-Your-HomeIf you like to entertain friends and family at your home, listen up: there’s nothing more inviting than a lush, aqua blue swimming pool. And not only is it a gorgeous, eye-catching invitation to relax, but a pool also adds value to your home.

Factors to consider when adding a pool to your home include your budget; the size/space available for the pool; and the design aesthetic (“vibe”) that you’d like for your swimming pool.

Below we discuss the various styles and designs that you should consider when putting in your very own custom pool! Read more

How to Get Organized Before a Major Home Remodel

get-organized-before-home-remodelResidential remodeling is one of the most stressful home projects out there. It doesn’t just put stress on the house, it puts stress on the family.

In fact, home renovations make 12% of couples consider divorce.

But renovations don’t have to be that way, and they can be very rewarding when they’re finished. Take a look at these five tips that will help you organize before your remodel. Read more

5 Things You Must Do Before you Hire a Contractor

things-must-do-hire-residental-contractorWhether you’re needing to fix a wall inside your home or you’re looking to make your home more luxurious, it’s a lot of work to do it yourself. Opening up your home to a residential contractor is a stressful proposition. Without the right contractor, you might fear you’ll be living on a construction site for the next year.

However, the right contractor can get in, get the job done, and get the heck out of your way. All the while, you’ll want to find someone who is personable and listens to you carefully.

To figure out whether a residential contractor is right for you, follow these 5 steps to find a perfect fit. Read more