Moving into a new office building can be a highly stressful process. From making plans to pack all of your materials, equipment and office supplies, to the stress that comes with planning the actual move to the new facility, there are virtually dozens of things that can go wrong during this process. Thankfully, depending on a reliable general contractor to complete your commercial tenant improvement projects is not one of these potentially stressful things you have to deal with when you work with the team at Peak One Builders.

For the past decade, Peak One Builders has been a leading provider in professional office space improvement projects in the greater Phoenix metro area. Led by our company founder Michael Christensen, every member of the Peak One Builders team is ready and anxious to work with your staff to create a perfect and well managed Commercial Tenant Improvement project – regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Our goal is to reduce the stress of moving from one location to another. This is why we can help your new business establish a positive identity in a new location or give your older workspace a fresh and improved new look. And whether you are a franchise-operated business that has strict regulations on building and design requirements or you are an independent business owner and you’re looking for a custom-designed office improvement – we have the tools and staff to complete your project on time – and always within your budget.

Peak One Builders & Restoration’s Commercial Remodeling and Tenant Improvement Services:

  • Office Interiors
  • Retail Improvement Projects
  • Franchise Build-Outs
  • Upgrade Existing Buildings to ADA Compliance
  • Complete Renovations
  • And much more…..

Working with a construction company to renovate your commercial tenant space can be very complicated. However, the team at Peak One Builders takes proactive measures to ensure that this entire project is completed with as little stress as possible. As part of our never ending dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, Peak One Builders will help you from start to finish on any commercial improvement project including:

Meeting With You To Discuss All Options

The first step in taking on any project is to start with a plan of attack. At Peak One Builders, we believe that for a commercial improvement project that begins by meeting with you to discuss your vision, goals, hurdles, assets, liabilities and objectives. After meeting with you, our team of professional designers can work with you to create a look that is highly functional, stylistic and meets the needs of your business – regardless of industry.

Craft A Plan that Fits Within Your Budget

Second – we will work with you to create a construction plan that will fit within your financial resource. We understand the cost of operating a business – as such, we’ll use our vast network of reliable and quality-driven material vendors to make sure every material is of high quality – and affordable for your budget

Our goal at Peak One Builders is to exceed your expectations – regardless of the size of the project. So when you’re looking for a dependable and reliable solutions for commercial tenant improvement in Scottsdale and Phoenix that has completed hundreds of commercial tenant improvement projects over the years, contact our team at Peak One Builders Today. Call 480-378-0611.

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