honeycomb tile flooring designFrom time to time, home owners in North Phoenix and North Scottsdale become inspired to spruce up the style of their homes. And one of the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of any home is by upgrading the flooring of any home. From installing hardwood flooring, to custom carpet and pad installation, the team at Peak One Builders has the ability and experience to complete any flooring contractor services in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ.

Home flooring projects traditionally begin with a home owner having a need or desire to improve the flooring of their house. Whether this is due to carpets wearing out, hardwood flooring needing to be updated, or due to fire or water damage or any other uncontrollable circumstance. Quite often home owners need to complete several steps individually and in many cases are restricted by projects simply based on one small detail – time. This is where Peak One Builders is here to save you time – and money on any flooring project.

Peak One Builders has a fundamental mission to provide exceptional customer service with every project we undertake. And this dedication is showcased with the extensive flooring options and services we provide our valued clients.

Over the years we have completed several home flooring projects including:

luxury hardwood flooring installation in scottsdale arizona

  • Installing custom natural stones and marble
  • Installing porcelain  tile
  • Installing hardwood flooring
  • Installing laminate flooring
  • Installing carpeting
  • ….and much more

We have found that if we stay true to following three simple business steps, these flooring projects will be completed on time, within your budget and will always result in your complete satisfaction.

Begin With A Complimentary Consultation

Flooring Contractors In PhoenixIn the construction industry, you’ll be surprised how many issues occur simply because the contractor and customer don’t see eye-to-eye on a project. We eliminate this issue by offering our customers a free consultation to lay a foundation to achieve a successful flooring project.

During our consultation we will:

  • Talk about your goals, vision and budget. 
  • Understand all other factors included in replacing your flooring such as demolition (does your vinyl flooring have asbestos containing materials or adhesives), baseboard replacements, and painting.
  • Identify a priority list; including addressing what type of flooring works for your desires and needs, what supplies are needed and what type of contactors will be needed to retain to complete the flooring project.
  • Create an initial plan of attack, and most importantly – answer any questions you have.

Create a Plan for Success

Once we’ve met and discussed your vision and our expert capabilities, the team at Peak One Builders will work with you to create a plan of attack that will deliver what you want – at the price you can afford.

Manage the Flooring Project to Save Time and Money

Peak One Builders is dedicated to producing quality results with all of our projects. With our flooring projects we sub-contract with professionals in certain flooring designs and materials. This ensures the job will be completed on time and always with an emphasis on quality.

Our team is ready to work with you on your flooring project and has the experience to complete these tasks on time and with as little stress as possible. For more details on all flooring options we can complete, or to set up a free consultation, contact your trusted flooring contractor in Scottsdale today at (480) 378-0611 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


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