Peak One Builders Custom Handicapped Built Home in AZNot every home in Phoenix is made to meet Handicap Accessible standards. In fact, it’s estimated that less than 10% of the current houses that are built in the Phoenix metro area can accommodate wheelchair access. It’s this reality that has Peak One Builders & Restoration excited to provide handicap remodeling services and handicap accessible home modifications in Scottsdale, Phoenix and throughout the valley. Our extensive resources plus experience completing several projects with Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warrior Foundation – building ADA accessible homes for our nations hero’s makes Peak One Builders a great source to complete your remodeling projects.

Wheelchair Accessible Home Remodeling Services in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Handicap Remodeling in Scottsdale Phoenix AZMany of the older homes that are built in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metro area were not built to be wheelchair ‘friendly’. Sadly, many of today’s top-of-the-line new homes still lack this simple function. However, contrary to popular belief, making your home wheelchair accessible is not very difficult; but it will require a home renovation company in Scottsdale that has experience to ensure these modifications are completed correctly – and within building code enforcement.

We offer several wheelchair accessible home remodeling services, including:

  • Creating wheelchair entry access to homes
  • Making all doorways wheelchair accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Ensuring all rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and common areas is wheelchair accessible.

The reality is that each home is unique – and although there are strict ADA standards for ensuring a home is wheelchair accessible, our goal is to ensure your home is easy to navigate – to ensure anybody living there that requires the use of wheelchairs can safely negotiate their home.

Handicap Accessible Home Remodeling Services in Scottsdale & Phoenix

We also provide additional services that permit a home to be flexible to the needs of anybody with any handicap or physical restrictions. Some of the specific remodeling projects we can undertake to make home living easier for those with physical restrictions include:

Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix

Custom Handicapped Shower ContractorsThe Peak One Builders team will work with you to ensure your bathrooms are enhanced to safely allow walker and wheelchair access. We will ensure that the entry doors are at least 32″ wide and offer you a straight approach to reduce the potential of accidents.

We also offer several other bathroom remodeling features that permit safer access for those with physical limitations including:

Handicap Accessible Kitchens

handicap remodeling scottsale phoenix azMaking adjustments to an existing home kitchen to make it safe for handicap accessibility is not a cookie-cutter solution. Each specific physical limitation requires a customized solution to ensure that the individual can easily navigate common hurdles. The Peak One Builders team will meet with you to customize a kitchen remodeling solution that is safe and efficient – without compromising costs or quality.

Since the day we opened up for business, we have been dedicated to producing quality home remodeling services. However, we take pride in the handicap remodeling in Scottsdale and Phoenix because of our dedication to customizing solutions for people that require that type of attention to detail. Contact our team today and ask us about the customized handicap remodeling services we offer. We look forward to helping you make adjustments to your home that will make home living fun and enjoyable. For more details on handicap remodeling services and projects we can offer you, set up a free consultation, contact us today at (480) 378-0611 or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

What Our Clients are Saying

Even being handicapped, I’ve never had a shower that was so easy to get in and out of…

I don’t remember when exactly I meet Mike Christensen, but I do remember when I first saw him doing work on my new home from Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project. I remember seeing the inside of the house for the first time and it was utterly perfect. I had no idea it could have gotten any better, but it did!

One afternoon, Mr. Christensen was in the new addition that was literally just beginning to be built and everything was just frame work and concrete. Mr. Christensen told me what and where things were going to be in my new home. Things were looking so small in such a basic state, it’s really just a trick of the eyes, but he told me where the shower would be, how the sink would be accessible while in my wheelchair and I was dumbfounded at how everything seemed larger when it was completed.

I did some research on Mr. Christensen’s work and I was floored by just how perfect everything looked. At this point I was starting to get really excited! As the bathroom and new addition were starting to come a long, I was feeling really turned around and dizzy because walls were missing! I knew they had something special planned, but the finished product was beyond anything I was expecting!

Mr. Christensen really took a 1940’s home and turned it into something super modern! The kitchen was nice, but Mr. Christensen asked if I had enough room to use my wheel chair in the kitchen and I said I did. Apparently, Mr. Christensen wanted to be certain, as he created so much space for me to use my wheelchair that I had never been in a kitchen with so much room to move and do things! Everything in the kitchen was reachable, roomy and super elegant.

The bathroom is the biggest and roomiest bathroom I have ever been in and it’s mine! The shower is almost big enough to put a golf cart in! Even being handicapped, I’ve never had a shower that was so easy to get in and out of. The greatness didn’t stop there, as the bedroom door was extra wide and it’s super easy to just glide into the bedroom when I need to.

The living room was another super bonus. I thought it was great when I had first seen it, but after completion, the custom cabinets and custom stonework really made it look like something out of a magazine or a remodeling show!

The best spot, was perhaps though, a decent size storage area made specifically for my military awards, medals and trinkets. Everything fit flawlessly!

The whole house has a very custom look and feel to it and sometimes it still feels like a museum or a model home. Mr. Christensen and his crew did a phenomenal job and then some! It is and will always be more than I ever expected. I would recommend Mr. Christensen and Peak One Builders to anyone who wanted a superior look and finish in their home!

– Retired U.S. Marine SSgt Ken Champlin

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