What to Consider When Creating Your Custom Home Design

custom home designWith so many homes being constructed in traditional forms, yours needs to stand out. The good news is you can easily create your dream custom home design.

The process of designing your home can be enjoyable if you hire the right kind of home designer for you. Whether you are building a brand new home or renovating one that already exists, make it a seamless process.

There are many things to think about when designing your home. You must envision the kind of life you plan on living in your new home. A new home or newly designed space is a fresh start. It can even be the change you need to redefine yourself or your relationship with the world or your family.

A new custom home is so much more than how many square feet it should be and if you need a 1/2 bath on a certain floor.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and have compiled a list of some essential things to remember when creating your custom home design: Read more

How to Tell if You Need Asbestos Abatement Services

asbestos abatementAsbestos, once commonly used as insulation for electrical wiring and buildings, has since been found to have deadly effects. Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of respiratory issues, ranging from mesothelioma to lung cancer.

Many homeowners assume asbestos is a problem of a bygone era. Unfortunately, estimates indicate that asbestos exposure still kills 12,000 to 15,0000 Americans every year.

To protect your family, it’s important to know how to avoid asbestos exposure. This way, you can take proactive steps to have asbestos abatement done.

Here are some factors to consider. Read more

5 Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

luxury kitchen designIs your kitchen in need of a major face lift? You’re not alone.

In fact, kitchens are the second most remodeled room, falling just shy in popularity to bathrooms. They’re a major part of a home’s charm. It’s where the family gathers, friends meet, and memorable meals are made.

The room’s central focus means the kitchen’s design must be inviting, gorgeous, and practical.

But when it comes to luxury kitchen design, it can be tough to choose exactly what’s right for you and your home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five beautiful luxury kitchen design ideas to get your renovation juices flowing. Read more

4 Common Mold Types In Residential Homes In AZ And Beyond

Common Mold TypesMany home repair specialists often regard it as a ‘silent killer of homes’. And although mold is not a huge issue inside residential homes in Arizona (thanks to our dry weather) the fact remains that it is possible for molds to form especially during the monsoon season in late summer.

Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and spread and reproduce by making spores. Mold spores can survive harsh environmental conditions, such as dry conditions, that do not support normal mold growth. As they say, ‘knowing is half the battle’. So, here are four of the most common mold types that are found in residential homes in Arizona and across the US. Read more

How To Build an Energy Certified Custom Home in Arizona

Energy Star certified custom homeWhen you’re building a new home in Arizona, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider. However, for many homeowners, the most important issue when building a new home is making sure that it is energy certified. Energy certified homes provide superior energy efficiency and are more environmentally friendly than standard homes.

For a new home to be energy certified, it has to meet certain requirements laid out by the United States government. Learning about these requirements is a good first step in building your energy efficient home. Discover how to build an Energy Star certified custom home, and find out why it’s important to work with an experienced green home builder. Read more

Ultimate Guide to Spa Bathroom Remodel in Cave Creek

Spa Bathroom Remodel in Cave CreekThe bathroom has generally been considered one of the utilitarian rooms of your home where modern design and creature comforts simply aren’t needed. However, discerning homeowners are starting to realize that the bathroom is just as important as the other rooms of the home, which is why many people are interested in building a spa bathroom.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, it’s important to learn about some of the most popular spa bathroom trends. Here are a few tips for your spa bathroom remodel in Cave Creek that should help you build the spa bathroom of your dreams. Read more

Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap Energy Savings for Luxury Custom Homes

Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap Energy SavingsWhen you’re making the investment to build a luxury custom home, you want to make sure that you’re protecting your investment as fully as possible. While there are several ways you can accomplish this goal, one of the most effective is making sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Out of all the tools you could choose to save money on energy, your best bet is using a HomeWrap from Dupont during construction. Learn more about Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap energy savings, and find out why using a weather barrier is the right choice for your luxury custom home. Read more

Carefree Kitchen Remodel [Top Trends]

Carefree kitchen remodelIf you’re interested in giving your Carefree home a fresh look, there’s no better idea than remodeling your kitchen. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you want to be sure that you’re choosing cutting edge trends for your kitchen, which can be difficult as kitchen design is upgrading constantly. Fortunately, with the right information, you should be able to pick design trends for your kitchen, you’ll be sure to love.

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Popular Ideas For Building A Guest House In Phoenix

Building a guest house in PhoenixHaving a home in Phoenix tends to be an open invitation for friends and family to visit – especially when those visiting live in cold weather climates. Due to this reality, several Phoenix area home owners search for creative ways of increasing housing space without building a brand new home. One of the latest trends in new home construction is the addition of guest apartments or casita’s; while other home owners with extra back yard space will actually build a detached guest home. Regardless of which option you choose, there are pros and cons to adding onto your home.

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3 Tips On How To Buy Land And Build A House In Arizona

how to buy hand and build a house

Having a custom built home is the dream of most hard working people in Arizona. Whether you are looking for a primary residence in a small but beautiful community or looking for a get-a-way home in the Sonoran Desert, the process involved in finding the perfect lot, purchasing the and building a home is not as complex as you might think. In fact, by sticking to three basic steps involved in building a custom home in Arizona you’ll minimize mistakes, simplify the process and end up with the quality built home of your dreams.

Noted below are three important tips on how to buy land and build a house that will expedite your vision and ensure your custom home is built by the right contractor.

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