Wounded Warriors Project Recipient List

Army Sergeant John Ricketts           Elite Army Ranger Cory Remsburg

Marine Sergeant Ken Champlin          Army Private First Class Joshua Bullis


What is JAH4WW?

Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors ProjectFor the past few years, Peak One Builders & Restoration has proudly partnered with Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project with the building and remodeling of handicap accessible homes for Arizona-based veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedom and liberty by serving in the US Armed Forces. The bond between JAH4WW and Peak One Builders & Restoration is strong – and is based passionately on the desire of its founders and volunteers to ensure when US Armed Forces veterans return; they have a safe and secure place to call home.

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors was established October of 2009 by NFL Linebacker Jared Allen after a USO trip to US Military Bases in the Middle East. Allen, who is currently a member of the North Carolina Panthers, was moved by the dedication, commitment and sacrifice that many of our US soldiers make daily to protect our freedom both home and abroad. Some of these hero’s become injured during their call of duty, and it was the desire of Jared Allen to help make a positive, life-altering impact for these wounded warriors by ensuring they had every opportunity to succeed once they came back home.

It is the mission of JAH4WW to provide financial assistance and support to our injured United States military veterans by building and remodeling handicap accessible homes to suit their individual needs one wounded warrior at a time. By working with like-minded companies such as Peak One Builders & Restoration – they are able to accomplish their mission to help wounded warriors in Arizona who have given so much to protect our nation.

Peak One Builders & Restoration Involvement

ADA home remodeling contractor in PhoenixWhen it comes to helping Arizona-based US Armed Forces Veterans who have been injured while protecting our freedom and liberty; Peak One Builders & Restoration is proud to help out in their time of need. Our company has been a proud ADA home remodeling contractor in Phoenix and the State of Arizona for several years. However, in order to truly understand why Peak One Builders & Restoration has become involved with Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project; it’s important to comprehend our roots.

Led by our founder Mike Christensen; who is a proud US Army Veteran himself, Peak One Builders & Restoration has actively supported our returning veterans since our inception in 2004. Peak One Builders & Restoration has actively supported Arizona StandDown; an alliance of community-based organizations that provide assistance to homeless and at-risk military veterans, connecting them with services ranging from: VA HealthCare, mental health services, clothing, meals, emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing, along with a myriad of other services and resources.

When Peak One Builders & Restoration was approached by Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project – our desire to give back became our duty. The Peak One Builders & Restoration family works with local vendors, suppliers and other partners to ensure when soldiers return home to the Phoenix Valley, they are well taken care of by a local community they fought for daily overseas. We work hand-in-hand with the Foundation and the families of our wounded warriors – and the hero’s themselves; to ensure every detail is planned, executed and delivered expeditiously.

We are honored to be a part of the JAH4WW family – and will always support the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom and liberty we enjoy daily.

Wounded Warriors Project Recipient List

Army Sergeant John Ricketts           Elite Army Ranger Cory Remsburg

Marine Sergeant Ken Champlin          Army Private First Class Joshua Bullis


Army Sergeant John Ricketts

Custom Home Remodeling in Phoenix [Army Sgt. John Ricketts]

A decorated gunner for the US Army 101st Airborne Division, Sergeant John Ricketts sustained life-threating injuries in May of 2010 after his vehicle was hit by an IED in Afghanistan. The injuries impacted multiple parts of his physical being – but couldn’t damage his soul, determination or his resolve. In fact – after working with the Peak One Builders & Restoration team and members of JAH4WW on the planning of his custom home remodeling project in Desert Ridge, he announced he was planning to compete in an off-road marathon.

Initially the house that was remodeled was bought by Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors project but required extensive planning to transform the home to meet ADA compliance standards. However, simply meeting standards isn’t the philosophy of Peak One Builders & Restoration – they strove to exceed the expectations of everybody involved. Thanks to the direct input and work from Sergeant Ricketts – this mission became a reality.

Some of the wholesale changes made to this older home included widening all doorways to 36 inches, reconfiguring the master bedroom to include a roll-in-shower; with customized bench seat for an easy transition from the wheelchair, adding smooth entry-designed wheelchair ramps from the garage and all entry points, upgrading the laundry room and lowering all major appliances for easier use. New energy efficient LED lighting systems were installed through the home as were upgraded granite countertops, customized kitchen cabinets and significantly upgraded backyard that included a fire pit, herbal garden and pergola.

The Peak One Builders & Restoration team unveiled the new home in 2015 with several of the volunteers who all contributed to make this dream home come true in attendance.


Army Ranger Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg

Elite Army Ranger Cory Remsburg Receives New Custom Home in Gilbert AZ
On October 1st, 2009 US Army Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg life changed forever. A member of the elite Army Ranger division, Sergeant Remsburg was well into his tenth deployment to Afghanistan when his platoon came across a roadside IED in Kandahar. The explosion of shrapnel caused multiple injuries, which brought Sergeant Remsburg home.

Sgt. Remsburg joined the Army at the tender age of 18, spending 39 months in combat. His leadership abilities were noticed when he was made the leader of his company’s heavy weapons squad. He has been recognized by our nation by being awarded the Purple Heart, the National Defense Service Medal, the Bronze Star, and was honored during the 2014 State of the Union Presidential Address.

The Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warrior Project and Peak One Builders & Restoration team began this project in August of 2014 with the goal to ensure it was 100% handicapped accessible and supported Cory’s specific needs. Many of the improvements made included widening all doors for wheelchair accessibility, making all cabinets & counter tops lowered, bigger toe kicks on cabinets and roll-in showers.

However, several of the Peak One Builder & Restoration contractors – who are retired veterans themselves added additional upgrades, including adding a beautiful back yard with pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen. The team also added a 500 square foot guest house.

When Peak One Builders & Restoration and Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warrior Project handed him the keys to a newly remodeled ADA compliant home, President of the United States Barack Obama was also there in attendance. Everyone was able to come together to during this joyous unveiling and truly saying thank you to a decorated military veteran.


Marine Sergeant Ken Champlin

Peak One Builders Build Custom Home For Veteran

Peak One Builders & Restoration was proud to work with Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project in 2013 to help US Marine Staff Sergeant Ken Champlin with the renovation and remodeling of a home in Phoenix. The project; which began when JAH4WW purchased a 1940’s style home included full renovation and ADA remodeling to ensure Staff Sergeant Champlin could navigate his living accommodations easily, safely and comfortably for years to come.

Like many of our nation’s wounded warriors that return home, Staff Sergeant Champlin suffered his injuries while serving in the Middle East. A proud United States Marine, Staff Sergeant Ken Champlin lost both of his legs below the knees and suffered traumatic brain injury due to an IED attack that occurred while he was on a dismounted patrol in Al Anbar Province in Iraq. After his hospital and rehabilitation stay, he arrived back to his home town of Phoenix and quickly discovered that living accommodations were not conducive to using prosthetics or a wheelchair.

This is where JAH4WW stepped up to the plate, to purchase an older home that with some improvements could provide Staff Sergeant Ken Champlin with a safe and comfortable home that was not only ADA compliant and handicap accessible – but was filled with upgrades fit for a king. Some of the renovations that were completed by the Peak One Builders & Restoration team included widened doorways for wheelchair access, outdoor and indoor ramps, an open concept kitchen, newly built master bedroom, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, upgraded and new appliances, and outdoor garage and BBQ area.

A Thank You Letter from Ken Champlin

Even being handicapped, I’ve never had a shower that was so easy to get in and out of…

I don’t remember when exactly I meet Mike Christensen, but I do remember when I first saw him doing work on my new home from Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Project. I remember seeing the inside of the house for the first time and it was utterly perfect. I had no idea it could have gotten any better, but it did!

One afternoon, Mr. Christensen was in the new addition that was literally just beginning to be built and everything was just frame work and concrete. Mr. Christensen told me what and where things were going to be in my new home. Things were looking so small in such a basic state, it’s really just a trick of the eyes, but he told me where the shower would be, how the sink would be accessible while in my wheelchair and I was dumbfounded at how everything seemed larger when it was completed.

I did some research on Mr. Christensen’s work and I was floored by just how perfect everything looked. At this point I was starting to get really excited! As the bathroom and new addition were starting to come a long, I was feeling really turned around and dizzy because walls were missing! I knew they had something special planned, but the finished product was beyond anything I was expecting!

Mr. Christensen really took a 1940’s home and turned it into something super modern! The kitchen was nice, but Mr. Christensen asked if I had enough room to use my wheel chair in the kitchen and I said I did. Apparently, Mr. Christensen wanted to be certain, as he created so much space for me to use my wheelchair that I had never been in a kitchen with so much room to move and do things! Everything in the kitchen was reachable, roomy and super elegant.

The bathroom is the biggest and roomiest bathroom I have ever been in and it’s mine! The shower is almost big enough to put a golf cart in! Even being handicapped, I’ve never had a shower that was so easy to get in and out of. The greatness didn’t stop there, as the bedroom door was extra wide and it’s super easy to just glide into the bedroom when I need to.

The living room was another super bonus. I thought it was great when I had first seen it, but after completion, the custom cabinets and custom stonework really made it look like something out of a magazine or a remodeling show!

The best spot, was perhaps though, a decent size storage area made specifically for my military awards, medals and trinkets. Everything fit flawlessly!

The whole house has a very custom look and feel to it and sometimes it still feels like a museum or a model home. Mr. Christensen and his crew did a phenomenal job and then some! It is and will always be more than I ever expected. I would recommend Mr. Christensen and Peak One Builders to anyone who wanted a superior look and finish in their home!

– Retired U.S. Marine SSgt Ken Champlin


Army Private First Class Joshua Bullis

Jared Allen's Homes 4 Wounded Warriors Logo Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors (JAH4WW), a 501c3 public charity, is honored to announce the commencement of another home remodel for an injured United States Soldier.

JAH4WW is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of raising money to build or modify the homes of America’s injured Military Veterans so that they are handicap accessible and comfortable. Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings formed the organization in 2009 after he returned home from his USO Tour to U.S. Military Bases in the Middle East.

JAH4WW has chosen the Phoenix, Arizona native PFC. Joshua Bullis as the next recipient for home renovations. In April 2010, Bullis deployed to the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan with the 595th Sapper Company, 2nd Engineer Battalion. As combat engineers, Bullis and the other Soldiers in the unit were responsible for constructing roads and bridges and clearing routes, which made it possible for other troops to travel throughout the region. While on a routine foot patrol through an Afghan village, PFC. Joshua Bullis stepped on a buried improvised explosive device (IED). As a result of the blast, both of his legs were amputated above his knee, as was his left arm above the elbow.

PFC. Joshua Bullis will need a complete Phoenix residential remodeling which includes all new flooring for wheelchair accessibility, ramps in every entrance, custom bathrooms and kitchen, wider doors and hallways, alterations to the garage to allow easy access from his custom vehicle, and an outdoor patio.

Peak One Builders & Restoration is proud to join forces with Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors and help out one of our own. This is a great cause to be a part of, and if you are interested in finding out more about it or how you can help then follow this link http://jaredallen69inc.com/h4ww/home.html

Jared Allen's Homes For Wounded Warriors Photo Gallery

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Donations & Support

On behalf of Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Foundation, Peak One Builders & Restoration would like to recognize those who have donated at least a portion of the labor and materials for these projects.

AZ Tile, Best Buy, Bulldogs Plumbing, Cave Creek Flooring, Clean Media, Envision Capital Funds, Fergusons, Old World Granite, Spencer’s, Stellar Electric, Sundt Construction, US Floors, Wells Fargo Foundation

Wounded Warriors Project Recipient List

Army Sergeant John Ricketts           Elite Army Ranger Cory Remsburg

Marine Sergeant Ken Champlin          Army Private First Class Joshua Bullis