5 Features You Must Include in Your Luxury Home Plans

luxury home plansWhether you’re remodeling a luxury home or building a new one, you have no shortage of options.

Should you add a tasting room onto the wine cellar? An outdoor movie theater beside the pool? A candy room for the kids or grandkids?

With so many great ideas to choose from, it’s tough to narrow down the list. But whatever you envision for your custom home design, there are some features you must include.

Read on for five must-have features you’ll want to add to your luxury home plans.

5 Must-Have Features in Your Luxury Home Plans

1. Open Floor Plan

Your luxury home isn’t truly luxurious without a grand entryway to greet you.

A recent survey by Coldwell Banker lists an open floor plan as the number one criteria in any luxury home plans.

When you step into your foyer, you’ll want to see soaring ceilings and a sweeping staircase (or two). Decorative marble or hardwood flooring and an elegant chandelier will open up even more space and make your home feel majestic.

2. Automated Home Environment

These days, it’s not enough to install a simple home security system.

Technology has advanced to the point that we can control every aspect of our homes with the touch of a button. You don’t even have to be inside the house – some apps let you control your home from thousands of miles away.

You’ll want your luxury “smart home” to have all the bells and whistles, including remote security and climate control. You can even program the system to create mood lighting or play your favorite music.

3. Luxury Spa Bathroom

Why visit a luxury spa when you can bring the spa to your very own bathroom?

Your luxury home plans likely already include an oversized bathtub and waterfall showerhead. But why not add a few extra features like towel warmers, head-to-toe shower jets, and radiant floor heating?

Your bathroom’s function isn’t limited to bathing. You could add on a quiet alcove for a massage table or other at-home spa treatments. If you live somewhere with cold winters, this is also the perfect place for a sauna or steam room.

4. Oversized Dressing Room

In a luxury home, your closet is more than a place to hang clothes. Why not open up that space and turn it into an oversized dressing room?

Your dressing room is the perfect place to store and display your collection of designer shoes and purses. You might consider a rotating garment rack for suits, dresses, and other high-end garments.

Cedar shelves and racks make beautiful storage areas for all your fine items. You can also get creative with lighting and mirrors to model your latest purchases.

5. Indoor Water Features

Who says water belongs only in your swimming pool?

Modern interior designers are creating spectacular water features inside of luxury homes. You might consider a waterfall wall in your foyer or a carefully crafted “river” running through your living room.

You could even draw inspiration from a few luxury hotels that feature a private swimming pool on every balcony.

Final Thoughts

Each of us has our own tastes and definition of luxury.

However you define it, your luxury home plans are sure to include the latest comforts and amenities.

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