3 Tips for Building a Man Cave in the Garage [Cave Creek]

building a man cave in the garageCreating the right space for your personal man cave can be difficult. Areas such as the living room or the basement can be too communal for an exclusive man cave. A man cave is a room designated for the men in the family to decorate as they please for the ultimate relaxing space.

Man caves have always been around, but they have snowballed in popularity in recent decades. The colors of the den were often muted and dark. Leather couches and heavy wooden furniture would adorn the man caves of yesteryear, but man cave decorations have since improved. Now, men can request custom finishes such as chrome, stainless steel and rich colors for their personal space. If you’re looking for ideas for constructing your own private space, read these three tips for building a man cave in the garage.

Convenience is Key

Garages have turned into storage spaces for many homeowners. They are used to store and park cars, but they don’t really serve any other purpose. As spacious as some garages can be, they usually just become areas where old toys and clothes are hoarded. Some homeowners even use their garages as food storage areas. They keep a freezer or refrigerator to store extra food in an area that could be used in other ways that could add space to your home.

If you do not have lots of space in your home or you’re looking for a separate area to hang out, the garage is a perfect place for a man cave. It doesn’t matter if your garage is connected to the home or detached, it is close enough for you to travel back and forth to the house with no problem. You can also funnel heat, AC and electricity into the garage from the home’s power source. Many garages already have electricity outlets and electrical connections.

With all of its amenities, the garage can be used to construct a man cave of your dreams.

Strategic Lighting Placement

Most garages are equipped with overhead fluorescent lights for easy visibility during the nighttime. If you want this area to be a designated man cave, you will need to revamp the lighting. Building a man cave with the right ambiance largely depends on the lighting. You want direct light but not anything too bright or soft. Hire a professional electrician to run the lights in your garage. You can add any type of fixture you like such as hanging lights, standing lights etc. but you will need a professional to make sure things are done correctly. You should also contact a custom construction company in Cave Creek to help you design your space. They will assist you with any remodeling and installation you need in the garage.

Incorporate the Garage Door into the Design

You may not be much of an interior decorator but you can take design cues from existing elements in your garage. Exposed brick, beams and the garage door lends itself to a post-industrial aesthetic. What is that you may ask? Post-industrial style takes inspiration from the factories of the industrial age. Think lots of brick, steel accents, hanging light fixtures and bright reds. Instead of covering the garage door, use it as inspiration for your man cave. If you’re a car enthusiast, the garage door can be painted with a portrait of your favorite vehicle make and model.


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