3 Tips for Cave Creek Energy Efficient Home Remodeling

cave creek energy efficient home remodelingYour house can be the most beautiful one on the block, but that doesn’t mean you have to pass up remodeling opportunities, especially when your home’s efficiency is the main focus. There are several things that can be done to a home during a remodel that will improve the energy efficiency of the entire space. Cave Creek energy efficient home remodeling experts can improve the efficiency of your home, and help you save on bills, without sacrificing style.

Revolutionary Framing Techniques

Throughout the years, home building has evolved in order to help homeowners save on energy and material costs. One of the unique ways that professional home builders are able to accomplish this feat is through the framing of the house.

Advanced wall framing uses less lumber in place of more insulation, which can increase the efficiency of the home without losing the integrity of the structure. When you have rooms added to your home during your green remodeling project, your contractors can use these framing techniques in order to better the efficiency of your house.

Improving Insulation and Air Circulation

Like with advanced wall frames, home insulation can be improved throughout, to help increase home energy efficiency and your cut energy costs. This can include replacing doors and windows to make a tighter seal, increasing insulation in the seams of the house and envelope air sealing.

Essentially, sealing and insulating the envelopes of the home can prevent leaks and drafts coming in from outside. Doing so can also reduce outdoor noise, control humidity and can even decrease the number of toxins from coming in your home.

Adding Natural Light to the Space

Replacing the actual windows in your home will certainly help protect against drafts, but that isn’t the only thing installing new windows can do. By adding more windows throughout your home, you can increase the amount of natural light that comes into each room.

This will keep the space warmer throughout the day, eliminating the need to turn up the heater during the chillier winter months. When the weather is warmer, you can leave these windows open and let the cool breeze blow through, in lieu of using your AC. It will also illuminate the space to the point where you wouldn’t need to turn on many lights in the house just to see.

Working with Remodeling Experts

When you work with professional contractors, you can learn more details about Cave Creek energy efficient home remodeling. Essentially, nearly every system in your house can be upgraded or improved in order to boost your home energy rating and help you cut back on your monthly expenses. A professional energy efficient home remodeling company in Cave Creek will be able to access your home and help you determine which changes could be most beneficial to your specific space.


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