The Ultimate Carefree AZ Home Remodeling Checklist

carefree az home remodelingStaying focused on any project becomes much easier when you create a checklist. Especially if you’re taking on a major project – planning is your best friend and often the key to success. IF you’re getting ready to remodel a home, know that effective planning begins with the home owner. This is why we’ve created the ultimate Carefree AZ home remodeling checklist that will ensure your project starts and ends with as little stress as possible.

Item #1 – Document your Ideas before Creating a List

Before you embark on your home remodeling checklist adventure, you first have to know what you intend to create. This is why the first item that most successful home remodeling projects begin with is writing down all of the ideas you have on paper – first. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write down all the rooms or areas of your property that you’d like to remodel
  • Research what other home owners have done for those specific rooms
  • Pick three to five items that you’d like to add to your remodeling project for each room

There are several other items you can research, but this is the best way to begin the process initially.

Item #2 – Establish a Budget for your Carefree Home Remodeling Project

After you’ve written down all of your ideas (including all of your wants and needs), the next step is to create a budget. The trick about this step is that sometimes home owners will look at what they can afford vs. the return on investment that they’ll receive after making the improvements. The reality is that any home improvement project should be an investment in your future equity. But it’s also a cold hard fact that home owners have to establish a clear understanding of what they can afford to spend each month – or in a lump sum for making these improvements. Here are a few specific items to consider when establishing your budget:

  • Determine whether you’re going to finance or pay for the home remodeling project with savings.
  • If you’re going to finance the remodeling project, check with lenders to ensure you can qualify for a loan; and that that monthly loan payment fits within your budget.

Item #3 – Find a Contractor You Can Trust

Once you’ve narrowed down the items on the want list and determined how much you can afford to spend, it’s now time to find a contractor that you can trust. The tricky question is – how to define ‘trust’. Here are a few attributes that the best home remodeling contractors and Carefree all have in common.

  • They have extensive experience working on home remodeling projects similar to yours. Contrary to popular belief, not all home improvement projects are alike. So, when you are looking for a contractor to complete this critical project; make sure they can give you practical examples of projects similar to yours.
  • Professional contractors will work with you during the entire process. From the initial discovery meeting, to planning, pulling permits, construction and fine-tuning, the best contractor that you can trust will have a detailed plan on how they intend to work with you during all phases.
  • They’ll help you choose finishes, materials and narrow down that list. When you meet with a professional contractor, they’ll review that first list you created and your budget to come up with a plan that is both affordable and stylish.

Item #4 – Make Sure You are Prepared to live in a Construction Zone

There are many home improvements or remodeling projects that can be easily completed – and some that take a lot of time to complete. The reality of any remodeling project is that you’ll have to be prepared to live in some sort of construction zone. Make sure you meet with your contractor to ascertain any hurdles that might exist during the construction phase – before you agree on the project.

Taking on a home remodeling project in Carefree becomes much easier when you have a solid baseline to begin. Take these checklist items as an initial starting point, and work with your professional home remodeling contractor in Carefree to fine tune the process; so that the end result is exactly what you can afford and what you’re looking to achieve.


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