3 Profitable Home Improvement Ideas for Scottsdale Homes

When a homeowner is looking to remodel their house, how often is profitability considered? The truth is that most Scottsdale home improvement ideashome improvement ideas are based on stylistic or practical enhancement additions that increase comfort. But what would you say if we told you that it was possible to integrate all of these attributes into some of the most profitable home improvement ideas for Scottsdale homes? Here are three of our favorite tips that not only will improve the aesthetics and function – but also help improve the equity in your home in Scottsdale.

Tip #1 – Replace your Garage Door

According to Realtor.com, many homebuyers often consider the outside curb appeal as the determining factor when choosing between two, identically built homes. And one of the most overlooked elements to change during a home remodeling project in Scottsdale is the garage door. It’s estimated that a new garage door can cost a few thousand dollars to replace; however, there are several benefits to this home improvement step:

  • First, it vastly improves the overall look of your Scottsdale home from the outside
  • Second, newer garage doors are better insulated, which helps to keep your garages at a more consistent temperature; which can help reduce heating and air conditioning costs
  • Third, it can help improve the resale value of your home by as much as 100% of the cost of the actual replacement

Tip #2 – Add Steel Doors for your Entry Way

Along with changing out your older garage door, adding a luxurious and energy efficient steel door to your front entryway can also be a very profitable home improvement for Scottsdale home owners. Although you’d think that steel doors would attract a lot of heat in summer, the truth is that they are very good for insulating and keeping extreme temperatures from entering a house. Plus, steel doors also improve the security of your home. When you add up the energy savings, plus the added security and increased curb appeal, it’s suggested that you can receive up to 97% Return on Investment. Anytime you can double your money on an improvement – that’s always a good thing to consider.

Tip #3 – Energy Efficient Kitchen Remodeling

According to the US Census Bureau, the average cost to remodel a kitchen is around $5,000.00. However, when you start adding customized appliances, cabinets, tile, flooring and other ‘tricks’ – that cost can (and often does) skyrocket. The question that many homeowners often ask is ‘how can you maximize your ROI with a kitchen remodeling project?’ The answer is simple – go green. Traditionally a kitchen remodel provides a homeowner about a 70-80% ROI. However, when you apply energy efficient changes to your kitchen, you’re overall return tends to increase to over 100%. Plus, you’ll be saving money every month by reducing the amount of energy used inside your kitchen due to the remodeling project. Most homeowners often overlook this however it does positively impact your return on investment.

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There are several ways to maximize the financial returns on your home improvement ideas in Scottsdale. The best way to increase profitability is to contact your home improvement company in Scottsdale Arizona speak with them about the best ways to financially save money – but also get a solid ROI when you list your home for sale in Scottsdale.

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