Ultimate Guide for Custom Home Building in Cave Creek

custom home building in cave creekWhen you hear the phase ‘build your own custom home’ – do your eyes get big? If you’re like most hard working people, the dream of a custom home is one that most aspire to achieve. Picking a the right location, the right floor plan, add-on’s, luxury items and more can cause a lot of stress in what’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. However, there are a few things that you can do to simplify the process of custom home building in Cave Creek that will ensure the project goes off smooth – without a hitch.

First – Choosing a Professional Home Builder

Building a house is 100% about planning and efficiency. This is why most home building experts in Arizona agree that the first step should be hiring the right professional custom home building contractor to help you plan the build. Custom home building comes with several steps that can cause confusion, frustration and lead to costly errors if not handled by the right people. Some of these steps include:

  • Planning a custom home’s location to fit daily living needs like electrical and water
  • Making sure the property is properly zoned for the floor plan a home owner wishes to build
  • Pulling all appropriate permits, scheduling design meetings, blue print review, interior décor options and more

A custom home construction company in cave creek will have this needed experience – along with the right processes and procedures to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Second – Choosing a Location

Ask any real estate expert and they’ll still tell you that having the right location is a critical to the development of any building. However, choosing the perfect location for a custom home has more to do with function, logistics, and livability. There are several things to consider when you’re thinking about building a custom home including:

  • Property zoning: Many lots that are available for residential development are zoned and approved for certain elevations, size of the structure and the physical location of the building as well. A professional custom home builder has access to this information and will give you a detailed list of items that need to be verified before choosing the right lot.
  • Directional setting: When you are looking for a piece of property to build your custom home, the size of the lot is not always the biggest priority. The placement of the home on any lot is also a critical factor to determine that can impact your comfort, the location of driveways and utility placement.

The best custom home builders will work with you to choose the right lot based on your wants, budget and needs. They will also be happy to discuss all of the steps involved in choosing a lot before you sign a contract with them.

Third – Planning Development

The development stage of building a custom home is typically the fun part for homeowners and builders. This will involve setting up a floor plan, adding custom features, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and other elements that make up a custom home. However, before the build actually commences, a professional custom home builder in Cave Creek will need to set up the blueprints, schedule all phases of construction, order supplies, pull permits and schedule all contractors to complete the construction phase.

Once the construction phase has been completed the custom home builder in Cave Creek will have an opportunity to showcase their professionalism. The best contractors take time to review every detail about your project, walk you through what was completed, show you how things work and make any corrections you need done – before they mark the job complete.


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