Popular High-End Paradise Valley Home Remodeling Ideas

paradise valley home remodeling ideasIf you’re going to invest the time and money to update your home – why not add a touch of style and class? This is not only a growing trend for many Paradise Valley home owners, but it’s also a great way to increase the equity and value of your home and improve your quality of living. In fact, many of the high end Paradise Valley home remodeling ideas are rather affordable – but will look as if you’ve spent a king’s ransom transforming your home to a castle.

Check out four of the most common high end remodeling projects gaining momentum in the greater Phoenix area.

Wine Cellar Construction

Fine wine is best kept and displayed in a professionally built wine cellar. Since many home owners in Paradise Valley have a passion for wine and also have the space in their homes to make this type of improvement, the addition of wine cellars is quickly becoming exceedingly popular. Wine cellar construction is a precise process and involves proper planning, choosing the appropriate location, securing the right materials.

Many Paradise Valley home owners choose to add this upgraded feature to their homes, not only to showcase their personal wine collections, but to also use as a comfortable and cool place to mingle with friends and house guests. There are many applications for a professionally built wine cellar – the key is to work with a renovation company that has experience building multiple types of wine cellars.

Home Theater Construction

Enhancing entertainment options another home remodeling project that several Paradise Valley residents are investing in these days. Contrary to popular belief, the home theater does not have to be a huge entertainment facility filled with fresh popcorn machines, soda fountains or billiard tables. In fact – it can and often will be customized to the precise goals and desires of each home owner. This is why working with a professional home remodeling company in Paradise Valley that integrates this flexibility into their home theater remodeling projects is the best way to get exactly what you want.

Guest House Construction

Sometimes simply remodeling what is currently built inside your home is just not what you need. This is when the idea of adding a guest home, detached casita or a mother-in-law apartment is just the thing that will increase comfort and living space for your homestead. Guest house construction is a complex process, however when it’s handled correctly, planned with proper permits, blueprints, materials and a realistic timeline – it will yield amazing results. The great thing about a guest house is that you can either match the exterior of your existing home, or go completely unique – what ever your heart desires.

Custom Ceilings in Paradise Valley

It’s natural for the eyes of people to gravitate upward. It’s due to this biological fact that one of the quickest growing home remodeling ideas in Paradise Valley is upgrading ceilings in homes. There are several ways you can upgrade the look and feel of your home by simply focusing on the ceiling such as:

  • Adding wood features to your ceilings
  • Customized molding
  • Upgraded lighting packages and ceiling fan fixtures
  • Adding ceiling styling like coffered, tray, vaulted, cathedral or cove

The bottom line is that the sky is the limit when it comes to exploring creative ways to add luxury home remodeling concepts for any home in Paradise Valley. The best way to begin this process is to set up a consultation or discovery meeting with a professional home remodeling contractor in Paradise Valley. Take time to explore your vision and work with the right company from the outset to ensure you create your home improvement vision.

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