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Mummy Mountain AZ Home Remodel: CC Image courtesy of Al_HikesAZ on Flickr

In recent years the town of Paradise Valley has rapidly transformed into one of the best places to call home. In this peaceful and luxurious community, there are several existing homes that could always use an upgrade to create a more comfortable living arrangement or simply evolve with your changing needs and new luxury trends that become available. Whether you live near the prestigious Mummy Mountain or in an inclusive Camelback Mountain community and you’re looking for any luxury home remodeling in Paradise Valley AZ, you can depend on Peak One Builders & Restoration to get the job done right – on budget and with a focus on quality, eco-friendly, custom handcrafted renovations.

Peak One Builders & Restoration has been a leading provider of professional custom luxury home design, construction and high-end remodeling services since 2002. Our dedication to our customers is only matched by our resolve to transform their visions and dreams into practical and lavish realities. We have serviced the greater Phoenix Valley for more than a decade – and with every upscale home we remodel in Paradise Valley; we place a strong emphasis on using the most superior and quality materials in the market. Peak One Builders & Restoration is the dependable Paradise Valley luxury home remodeling services  you’re looking for, and we always keep you well informed during the entire home improvement process.

We offer several customized luxury home remodeling projects in Paradise Valley including:

The Peak One Builders & Restoration Process

Making the decision to remodel a luxury home in Paradise Valley is a difficult one for any homeowner. However, regardless of the size or scope of the project, every remodeling job must begin with superior structure and ends with intricate detailing. It has always been part of the Peak One Builders & Restoration philosophy to integrate a proven invaluable methodology for remodeling high-end homes in Paradise Valley that has delivered the results our customers demand and should expect from any luxury custom home builder.

Step #1 – Complimentary Consultation

We always begin any of our luxury home construction projects by offering our customers a complimentary consultation so we can identify home remodeling trends that you’d like to include on your priority list, including:

Paradise Valley luxury home remodeling services

  • We’ll discuss a wish list, and establish budget expectations for the potential project.  This allows us both to see the property for what it is today and share a vision of what these lush home upgrades will do to enhance your property value standard of living.
  • We’ll talk about any hurdles, permits, contracts and other details that can expedite the home remodeling project legally.
  • We can discuss your questions about our history, provide you a wealth of information on any aspect of the home improvement process and discuss previous custom home renovation jobs similar to yours and even provide references for you to contact.

Step #2 – Initial Planning

After our initial consultation, Peak One Builders & Restoration will create a detailed and expansive outline of how we will deliver the perfect home remodeling project in Paradise Valley. Peak One Builders & Restoration’s custom luxury home building experience, personal attention to detail and passion for building an elegantly handcrafted beautiful product of superior quality helps set us apart and ensures that you will be getting the most for your investment.

Step #3 – Exceptional Communication During All Phases of Remodeling

Communication is vital to success in any industry. However, when it comes to completing a professional home remodeling project in Paradise Valley, keeping you completely in the loop is one of our specialties. Our team will continue to work with you during the planning stages, development, while securing custom materials and the actual home construction phase.

From upgrading to an extravagant kitchen to completing full-service luxury home remodeling in Paradise Valley AZ, our team is ready to work with you on refining the function and delivering magnificent results to your current home. Contact us today to explore the customized remodeling solutions we offer each homeowner. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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