How Often Should I Renovate My Kitchen?

How often should I renovate my kitchenHome remodeling projects are a popular thing and gaining in popularity every day. From a basic desire to change up your style to adding value to your home for a pending sale, the reasons to do so are many. As spring progresses and we’re well into remodeling season, many people wonder if there’s a timeframe during which they should undertake this kind of project. Discover the answer to the question “how often should I renovate my kitchen,” and learn how to find the very best home improvement service for the job.

Average Timeframe for Home Remodeling

While there’s no real hard and fast rule for home remodeling, there is an average timeframe that can be garnered from looking at home remodeling statistics. In general, the average time between renovations of a kitchen space is roughly ten to fifteen years. If it’s been a decade or so since you’ve done an upgrade, you might think about the task at hand.

Do You Feel It’s Time to Modernize?

Another, more pertinent question is simple: do you feel like it’s time to upgrade? Are there current kitchen trends like an open floor plan or a chef’s kitchen that really appeal to you and you want to integrate into your home? If so, then don’t worry about how long it’s been. If you can afford the process, go for it!

Do You Need to Repair Damage?

Of course, one of the single most common reasons to upgrade a kitchen space is that it’s damaged and you need to affect repairs. Whether it’s a broken wall-mount stove, crumbling plaster on the walls, shattered or cracked floor tiles, or any other issue if you’ve got damage to repair you can take it on in two ways.

First, you can simply address the specific damage and move on — replace the broken tiles, pull up and redo the floor, get a new wall-mount stove or whatever you need. Second, you can take the opportunity to really spruce up the place and go all-in on a full kitchen remodel. If you’re fixing the damage, it’s often a perfect time to consider a complete overhaul.

Is it Time to Upgrade or Improve Function?

Tied closely into your sense of style and aesthetics, do you walk into your kitchen and just think it could really be better organized or set up to be a more fully-functioning space? Maybe adding an island with a faucet would better centralize your fixtures. Perhaps a better flow would create improved foot traffic. Whatever the reason, improving function is the core reason to overhaul your kitchen space.

Naturally, if you’re looking to improve your kitchen space in any respect, you’ll want to work with the very best kitchen renovation specialists in Paradise Valley. Experienced contractors will be happy to work with you on building the kitchen of your dreams, and advising you on how often you should change up your style.


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