What Makes a Luxury Bathroom? 5 Luxurious Elements You Need

5 elements of a luxury bathroom in ScottsdaleImagine being locked in your bathroom for a year and a half. Well, that’s how much time you’ll spend in the bathroom over the course of your life. If you’re spending it in a luxury bathroom, it might not feel so long given the comfort you’d be in.

There are few investments in your home that will add to its value. A renovated bathroom will pay off almost 50 cents to the dollar, a pretty good ratio as far as renovations go.

While painting the walls might go unnoticed by a potential buyer, a renovated bathroom might just end up being the selling point.

If you’re thinking about adding some luxury bathroom elements to your commode, you might be surprised how much one or two elements can change the room.

Try one or more of these 5 tips for a bathroom that really does feel like a restroom.

1. A Great Bathtub

After a long day at work, whether you do white- or blue-collar work, there are very few things that can compare to taking a long relaxing bath. If you’ve been crammed in city apartments with tight little showers, a bathtub could be an incredible luxury.

For taller people, just finding the right bathtub can feel luxurious.

Bathtubs can be outfitted with the latest in water circulation technology to really give you a nice massage while you kick back. You can also find great old rehabbed clawfoot tubs at lots of outlets around the country. No matter what your style is, there’s a bathtub to fit it.

If that’s not really your thing, there are also some great options for showers. Building a nice glass and slate showering area can be a nice way to take a steamy relaxing break from your day.

Make it spacious and easy to clean and you can build a lovely shower that gets you excited to kick off your workday.

2. Go European

So many of our contemporary home design concepts are coming from luxury bathroom designs in Europe. Along with different toilet designs, they’re also fond of the bidet.

If you haven’t ever tried a bidet, you should use one and see if you enjoy it. Many Americans are finding that it’s the right choice for them in the bathroom. There are some lovely designs that add to the luxuriousness of a bathroom.

They’re also better for the environment than all of that toilet paper that’s made from virgin trees and pulp. You’ll have a cleaner time in the bathroom and be able to spare a few extra trees from being cut down.

Another innovation we’re starting to import from Europe is the efficiency toilet. With two separate levers for liquid and solid waste, they ensure you don’t waste a full flush when you don’t have much to get rid of.

It also keeps you from having to institute the old “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule in your home.

3. The Perfect Mirror Setup

No luxury bathroom would be complete without a beautiful and dramatic mirror and sink setup. If you’ll be spending your time putting on makeup and doing your skincare routine in the bathroom, you might want to add a second mirror apart from your sink.

Here you can add a small stool or bench. Install a large vanity mirror with lights all around it. Add a small section of countertop for placing your makeup and gear.

Ensure you can get nice and close to the mirror in case you’ve got an eyebrow hair to pluck while you’re sitting there.

A bright, easy to clean, and well-lit mirror will allow you to make the most of yourself before you head out for the day. It can also aid you in your evening dental care routine. Leave no plaque behind when you can see clearly what’s going on in your mouth.

4. Staying Warm

A bathroom can be a cold place to spend time disrobed in during winter months. Innovations in luxury bathroom technology have veered toward ways to make it a little more bearable.

Overhead heat lamps are a great way to help dry your hair while you’re doing your makeup or dental care routine. They heat you from the top down and save you from having to use a blowdryer, which can damage your hair and give you split ends.

Another element being added to luxury homes around the country is heating under the floor. By adding some heating under the floor, walking around the bathroom is a little easier to handle during those early morning hours.

Rather than having to wear socks while you’re in the bathroom, you can let the heating system warm you up and make it more comfortable.

5. The Details You Need

The missing element for any luxury bathroom is going to be whatever personal touches you decide to add to it. This can be anything from decor ideas to candles placed around the room.

Find a scent you like and use it to ward off any bad smells that might emerge from your bathroom.

No luxury bathroom would be complete without a luxurious set of towels. Make sure you’ve got great towels, bathmats, and a robe. Drying off with big fluffy clean towels feels like nothing else on this earth.

Whatever you need in the bathroom, this is the time to add it to the list.

A Luxury Bathroom Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

You can do lots of bathroom renovation without having to dig into your savings account. Several of the tactics could involve finding store models, rehabbed or refurbished items, or even waiting until the January white sales to pick things up.

If you want even more luxury bathroom ideas, check out our guide to building a custom bathroom.


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