5 Unique Luxury Bath Ideas You Need to See

unique-luxury-bath-ideas-you-need-to-seeIn the past, the bathroom has been the place most overlooked when it came to luxury within homes. Recently, though, more and more homeowners are making a push to start their home designs with a luxury bath in mind.

If you’re ready to join be one of those trendsetters but aren’t really sure where to begin, here are 5 unique luxury bath ideas you need to see.

1. Pay Attention to Colors

A recent trend in luxury bathrooms has been to choose one or two primary colors and stick to them! Colors like white and gray or a uniform white can really make the bathroom look clean and well done.

If you are looking to add some variety to your color scheme, you can add a stand-out object, such as a chair or a light fixture, that is of a different, but complementary color. That will spice up the room while keeping the same spirit of uniformity.

2. Lighting in a Luxury Bath

A warm piece like Soleil by Brabbu can make all the difference in a luxury bath, as lighting is very important in delivering the feel of the bathroom. An increasing trend in luxury bathrooms has been the addition of wall lighting in order to add a good amount of light without feeling “overpowering” in the space.

3. Nature is in

With clean living, going green, and sustainability being a major trend in today’s society, the “back to nature” aesthetic is in. Using designs that incorporate wood or natural stone may be the perfect strategy to fully adopt this look in your remodeled bathroom.

While wood has been a no-go in the past, there are now many strategies being incorporated to make wood more resistant to moisture and the usual wear-and-tear you would expect. Natural stone has also been the go-to material for the new trend of heated bathroom floors that many luxury baths now have.

4. Mirror Trends

There are many exciting mirror trends that are key in luxury bathrooms. One trend is the utilization of big mirrors. From a double mirror to a mirror that encompasses nearly the entire wall, big mirrors add an interesting perspective and are in style now.

The other big trend in mirrors is the usage of alternate mirror frames. From natural frames of unexpected material from driftwood to starfish, to 3D frames, alternate frames can make your mirror the focal point of your bathroom.

5. Unique Furniture

Nothing spices up a bathroom more like seeing something that isn’t expected. Unique furniture is very easy to incorporate and can leave a lasting accent on your new space. By using items such as an alternate sink shape or leaving an unusually-shaped clothes hamper, your bathroom can get a creative, luxury feel that will reflect the current trends.

Ready to Remodel?

One of the primary focuses of many recent home remodels has been the bathroom. With so many trends to take advantage of and use in your remodeling, the time to plan is now. Contact us if you’re ready to take the first step in making your bathroom a luxury experience that you can truly enjoy.


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