Second Story Addition Ideas: Building Up Instead of Out

Second Story Addition IdeasBuilding an addition to your home requires careful planning. Many people choose to build outwards by expanding the base level of the home with a side addition or an addition at the back of the home. However, building upwards is also an option to give your home the space your family needs. Talk to an expert to decide the safest and practical solution for your home expansion. Homeowners in Scottsdale that are considering adding a second story addition should learn more about the different ways you can utilize the extra space with these creative second story addition ideas.

Spacious Master Bedroom

Everyone wants to their home to be a comfortable space. Two huge benefits of a second story addition is the added square footage and versatile floor layout. The second story addition increases your square footage which makes the home more attractive to buyers. You can create a master size bedroom fit for a king.

Typically, the master suite is on its own floor away from the rest of the bedrooms. This is a great idea if you desire more privacy and a second story addition is the best way to accomplish this look in your current home. The master suite can include a walk-in closet, private bathroom and even a sitting room. You can turn your new space into a private oasis with help experts in home addition construction in Scottsdale.

Arts & Crafts Space for the Creative Types

Oftentimes, creatives need a space that they can escape to and pursue their hobbies. If you happen to be a craft maker, a second-story addition may be the perfect way for you to create a space that you can draw inspiration from. Build a wing or an entire floor designated for the display and creation of your crafts. With your new addition, you will finally have the space needed to truly expand your artistic creations.

Split Floor Plans for More Privacy

A split floor plan is a house layout that veers away from the traditional home layout. This is a great idea if you desire more privacy and a second story addition is the best way to accomplish this in your current home.

If you have children, a split floor plan is a great way to give them the space they need to grow and live comfortably. You can create an entire wing just for the children. Build a nursery for a small child or even a playroom for the older kids. The additional space will allow you to get creative and give your kids their own special area.

Create a Home Office

You can also create a dedicated home office space on its floor if you work from home or need a quiet area to do work. Homeowners that work from home need a quiet space to make phone calls, write and do other tasks. Creating an additional floor that is dedicated to your office will give you the privacy and space you need to do your best work.

Private Loft Space

Building a private loft space is a great idea if you plan on renting out parts of your home or creating a private space for in-laws or older children. You can build a second floor addition that has all the amenities of a private apartment. Develop a kitchen area, living room and a private bedroom. You can speak to your contractor about transforming your second story addition into a loft space.


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