What Makes the Perfect Luxury Guest House?

luxury-guest-houseHosting your friends or family can be tricky with the space you have in your home. Thus, building a luxury guest house will help you solve two problems at one go. It allows you to create the perfect home for your guests while also keeping your loved ones close.

You should consider several things before constructing this type of house. These include:

  • ideas for your custom home design
  • type of lighting required
  • amount of space available
  • location and related construction laws
  • what your guests need

Once you have these in mind, you are on your way to creating a great guest house. Keep reading to learn what will make it a perfect one.

Features of a Perfect Luxury Guest House

Creating a perfect luxury guest house requires a lot of planning and expertise. You have to balance the idea of getting what you’ve always wanted with what your guests will need.

As such, this type of house will have the following features:

Have Great Decor and Storage Space

Homeowners can work together with interior designers to make nice looking rooms. Decorating ideas can include a beach look, a vintage look, or even a minimalistic look. It all depends on what the owner is trying to achieve.

Rooms will have quality air-conditioning systems. The homeowner might put the guests’ favorite magazines or books on the table or on a shelf.

In the bedroom, you’ll find king or queen-sized beds. There’ll be fresh sheets with mild scents. There is also a drawer with extra sheets and blankets. The bedside might have a tiny plant and an alarm clock.

The guest house may also have custom artworks on the walls. This makes the place look more sophisticated.

Also, people appreciate having storage space. Your visitors will be happy to have somewhere to put their extra luggage. Ensure there are extra hangers in the closets.

Great Amenities

Any home with a “luxury” tag will go out of its way to offer great amenities. As such, you should provide a flat-screen TV with satellite/cable channels.

If possible, install a bathtub that can also double as a Jacuzzi. Provide hairdryers and other styling kits. Extend your internet cable to give your loved ones access to free internet.

Some homes have swimming pools and outside sitting areas. Let your guests know how to access these features and when the pool is ready for use.

Location and Security

People build luxurious homes in great neighborhoods. The luxury guest house will be in a fancy area, which is known for its security.

The guest house might also come with its own security features. For example, the homeowner may install a home safe. This provides a safe place to store precious jewelry and important documents.

Self-Catering or Common Use

Depending on the size of the guest house, you can decide whether to add a large kitchen. If that’s not possible, invite your guests to use the kitchen in the main house.

Build Your Luxury Custom Home

Building a luxury guest house is not just a project; it is a labor of love. You’ll be able to create a great place for your guests to enjoy. This will save them from the hassle of booking hotels or motels.

Who’s ready to start building their luxury guest house? Contact us for more information on building your custom home.


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