5 Ways to Supercharge a Cave Creek Swimming Pool Remodel

Cave Creek Swimming Pool RemodelWhen people think about home remodeling, they rarely think about remodeling a swimming pool. Swimming pools seem to be either the type of thing you replace outright, or which is simply a permanent fixture in your yard. The truth is, there are many ways you can charge up your pool with a new reface or remodel. Learn these five ways to supercharge your Cave Creek swimming pool remodel, and where to find the best advice and services.

Add a True Wet Bar

There are thousands of ideas to take your swimming pool to the next level through remodeling. One of the hottest pool remodeling ideas today is to add a floating bar to your pool. There’s nothing that screams “luxury” like a pool swim up bar where you and your friends can order your favorite cocktail! Installing a wet bar will make your pool the backyard everyone wants to visit.

Lagoon-Like Grotto for Privacy

Have you ever wanted a private escape where you and your beloved can get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world in a natural, secluded setting? What about the kind of getaway that allows you to hide from your guests at a party, sneaking a little alone time?

A lagoon-like pool grotto not only gives you a serene and private place, it can be a spot in your pool where you forget you’re in an artificial construct at all, but are in a place where nature welcomes you to rest.

Slides Are In

Kids love activities, and with diving boards out these days and safety in, there’s nothing like adding a water slide to your pool! Spend hours of fun going up and down and keep the kids occupied all summer long. Even the adults might take a few turns going down the spiral and splashing into the water!

Relax on a Lazy River

Another great way to relax in your pool is to design a lazy river course, where the water gently flows along paths that you can ride in an inner tube or on a raft. The motion of the water, the gentle swaying as you ease down the trail, there’s no better way to escape from the fast-paced world around.

Fireside Swim Time

Fire and water—that’s what summer is all about! Everyone loves an outdoor kitchen where you can have the best grilling options available. Why not install your fire pit and built-in grill right alongside the pool? This sort of thing will go hand-in-hand with the swim-up bar to mark your back yard as the lap of luxury for your entire neighborhood.

Cave Creek Swimming Pool Remodel

Remodeling a swimming pool is a challenge, but it’s also an adventure. Supercharging your pool remodel can make your home a destination point for friends and family. For your next swimming pool remodel, call on a local Cave Creek construction company to supercharge your pool design.


Contact the Cave Creek swimming pool remodeling experts at Peak One Builders & Restoration to learn more. Request a free estimate or call 480-378-0611 now!


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