FAQ and General Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask When Hiring a General Contractor

Below is a list of questions each homeowner should ask a potential contractor they are considering hiring. The answers below are answered in a manner to help most situations, please follow up and schedule a meeting to get more detailed answers specific with your home and project.

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured, and what amount of liability insurance do they carry? (Obtain a copy of the insurance policy)

Peak One Builders and Development LLC

License # ROC179911, Class B Residential & #ROC263504 Class B Commercial

$1,000,000 general liability, $1,000,000 automobile, and a $2,000,000 excess/umbrella policy w/ Farmers Insurance (copies are required by all banks prior to processing any loans)

  • How long have they been in business?

Peak One Builders has been in business since November of 2002. We have maintained a zero complaint record with both the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Do we have experience with jobs such as yours, and can they provide you with a list of references of those jobs?

Yes, see references link.

  • Have we done work in your city before? (Verify with municipal planning or zoning officials)

Locations vary; please ask for experience in your area.

  • Do we have our own crew for some of the work, or do we rely solely on a stable of subcontractors? Does the contractor pick up his day laborer’s at the local home improvement center?

Both, depending on size of project. Also, Peak One Builders does not condone the use of illegal aliens for use on any jobsite or project, regardless of the scope of work. When day laborers are needed, we get these workers from Construction Staffing Services (CSS). Additional information is available to homeowners to verify employees and sub-contractors.

  • How many other jobs will they be working on simultaneously with yours, and how available will their various subcontractors be? How many jobs do you currently have going? How many workers are used to manage those jobs?

Varies throughout the year, please ask status at current time of your interest. We also prefer to keep our business at a smaller scale in order to provide more attention during the construction process.

  • Will we be working or supervising? If supervising, how much time will they be on-site each day? When are they available to start your project, and how long do they estimate it will take?

Varies throughout the year, please ask as each job is different.

Legal Questions

  • Have you ever had disciplinary action filed against you by any state or local agency or a home owner? Why and how was it resolved?

We have maintained a zero complaint record with both the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and the Better Business Bureau. The Arizona registrar of Contractors can be contacted at:

http://www.azroc.gov/clsc/AZROCLicenseQuery?pagerequest=license, just type in the license number 179911. Or you can contact them by phone at 602-542-1525. The Better Business Bureau can be contacted at http://www.arizonabbb.org/, just enter Peak One Builders and Development and follow each page to get results. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau by phone at 602-264-1721.

  • Have you been doing business under a different name in this state or any other?

Peak One Builders & Restoration LLC has been in business since November of 2002. We have not operated under any other license number, nor have we been a part of any other construction type company, residential or commercial.

  • Have you ever declared bankruptcy?

Peak One Builders has never filed any form of bankruptcy.

Employees and Subcontractors

  • Do you have employees, subcontractors or both?

Peak One Builders uses both, depending on project.

  • How long have your employees/subcontractors been working for you?

Approximately 80% of Peak One Builders subcontractors have been used for the last 4 years. Our two main employees have been with our team since 2004.

  • Do the subcontractors carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance (required), and what type of liability insurance do they have for themselves?

All sub-contractors are required by Farmers Insurance to carry $1,000,000 liability insurance, with $500,000 vehicle damage. Prior to the start of each new job, Peak One Builders verifies license and insurance to make sure they are current. Annually, Farmers audits Peak One to verify all subcontractors carry the correct amount of insurance.

  • Do you check to make sure your subs are licensed and insured and can you provide proof if you’re hired?

Yes, prior to the start of each new job, Peak One Builders verifies license and insurance to make sure they are current.

Management Skills

  • How often do you communicate with your customers as the job is progressing? How often would we be able to walk through the job? How much notice would you need?

Homeowners are typically contacted 3-4 times a week, and depending on what stage of the job we are at, we have weekly on-site meetings to go over all that has transpired the past week, and what issues there might need to be addressed. Typically on a given day, we can meet on short notice such as 3-4 hours. However, we value our time and respect yours as well, so we prefer 24 hours notice.

  • We require lien releases upon each payment. Do you have any problems with that?

Absolutely not. In fact it is in your best interest to get a final lien waver to clear all subcontractors as well as the prime/general contractor. Peak One Builders will sign an affidavit that all subcontractors have been paid or will be paid promptly with the final payment.

  • We have pets/children. What’s the best advice you can give for keeping them safe (Remodeling question)?

Workers shall not be expected to keep gates and the like closed if applicable for animals and children. Homeowner agrees to remove and/or protect any personal property, in or near the work area, including shrubs, flowers, wall hangings, knickknacks, and the like. They are also responsible to remove anything from the rooms to be worked on to locations such as the garage.

  • What do we do if my husband and I decide to go on vacation?

We request that you designating a homeowner agent if there are any decisions to be made on your behalf. However, we have never had to action this due to prior planning and scheduling. It’s not unusual for clients to choose to go away on vacation to escape the noise and dust of a Scottsdale residential remodeling project. That can also be convenient for the builder — until the unexpected happens and the job grinds to a halt because there’s no one on hand to make a key decision.

If the homeowner is going to be unavailable, Peak One Builders require him or her to designate an agent with legal authority to make decisions relating to damage, hidden conditions, and other unforeseeable events (below). A reliable local contact can also be helpful in other ways. “Say you set off the security alarm while you’re working. When the police show up, it’s nice to have someone to tell them you’re supposed to be there.”