5 Reasons To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space In Scottsdale

Improve Outdoor Living SpaceLiving in Arizona comes with many perks. And although the summer season can and often is associated with extreme heat, the truth is that the majority of the year, the weather is very livable. In fact, the temperate weather we see from October till early May is often a critical element as to why people choose to move here – especially as they plan to retire. With that being said, here are five practical reasons why making improvements to your outdoor living space can be very beneficial for you and your family.

Benefits Of Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Reason #1 – Spring is the Season for Outdoor Living

When the calendar hits March and April the outdoors is the place you want to spend the majority of your time in Scottsdale. With temperatures hovering in the mid 70’s from sunrise to sunset, and nighttime temperatures not too extreme, the Spring season is often the best time to entertain friends and family members in your back yard. It’s also a popular time during the year for people to host BBQ’s after work or on weekends as the weather is perfect for this type of relaxing activity.

Reason #2 – You Can Create a Fire Pit for Social Events

Another popular outdoor activity is to enjoy a warm and cozy evening in the backyard with friends that have a fire pit. But did you know that installing one is actually rather simple? In fact, it’s said that one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to improve your outdoor living space is to install a quality-built fire pit. And whether you’re looking to install a pre-fabricated, gas powered fire pit, or simply create one for natural fire wood burning, spending an evening with friends and family in your back yard next to a warm fire is very popular these days.

Reason #3 – Improving Landscaping Can Reduce Indoor Energy Costs

Did you know that by simply adding a few shade trees, strategically placed in your front or back yard, can save a ton of money during the summertime on electricity? It’s true. Natures ‘shade’ often can keep a home much cooler during the hot summer months due to foliage that block the hot sun rays from entering east or west facing windows. A great way to keep your energy bills lower in the summer is to consider upgrading your outdoor landscaping by adding more trees or foliage that will block the sun from entering windows. Not only will this help save you money, but adding additional trees can also improve your overall home’s value.

Reason #4 – Adding Pools & Custom BBQ’s Increase Home Value

The weather doesn’t need to be ‘temperate’ to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, many smart Scottsdale residents make the decision to install an in-ground pool so that they can enjoy the outdoors during the hot summer months. Along with the addition of a pool, many home owners in Scottsdale are seeing the value of installing custom gazebos or outdoor cooking areas that include custom BBQ’s, small refrigerators and even food preparation areas. When the sun dips into the west, entertaining friends and family at night in the summertime is a lot more fun when you have a great tool like an outdoor kitchen to enjoy in your back yard.

Reason #5 – Outdoor Entertaining is good for your Health

Finally, they say that a breath of fresh air is good for you – but do you know why? The truth is that many homes in Arizona are often dusty due to the fact we live in a desert. But, if the home is not properly maintained by replacing HVAC filters every month, the indoor air inside a home can be contaminated with bacteria and other harmful particles that can lead to common colds, spread flu and even lead to certain COPD flair-ups. Spending a few hours outdoors in a relaxing back yard or front patio can significantly improve your lung function and help those who live with COPD live a higher quality of life.

Truth be told, there are thousands of reasons why you should consider making improvements to your outdoor living space. But just like any home improvement project, the best way to make changes is to decide on a few ideas, plan and research on what it would take (both economically and physically) to accomplish that goal, and set a budget to ensure you can get your project accomplished on time and safely.