3 Interview Questions For Scottsdale Home Builders

scottsdale home builder The process of building a home is exactly that – a process. It takes time, planning, coordination and most importantly – patience. It’s for this reason and many more that the search for the best Scottsdale home builders will often come down to an actual sit-down interview. And contrary to popular belief, the answers that you receive during this interview can help you narrow down your search for custom home builders in Scottsdale that will fulfill your needs – and ensure quality results.

Here are a few questions that should always be a part of any sit down interview for builders that customize Scottsdale homes.

Question #1 – What is involved in the Home Building Process?

Each home builder in Scottsdale is unique. And just as their techniques, style and construction methods are individualized – so are their methods. This is why one of the most important questions you’ll ask any luxury home builders in Scottsdale is inquiring about their home building process.

Believe it or not, the home building process begins with the initial interview. At this first sit down meeting, a professional custom home builder will ask you more questions that you might have for them. The reason for this is simple – the more information that they have about your goals, dreams, wants, needs and budget will allow them to craft a home building solution that addresses everything.

The home building process also includes:

  • Picking a location for the home that is realistic and affordable
  • Planning the design of your home
  • Integrating personal wants and restrictions into your custom home
  • Formulating a construction plan, with follow-up, frequent updates and milestones set
  • Frequent communication updates
  • Final inspection and warranty information
  • Updates and checking in with you after you move into your dream home.

Question #2 – Has your Custom Home Building company built a home like mine?

Real-life experience is also a critical consumer attribute that will help you pick the right custom home builders in Scottsdale. There are several great contractors that have built many Scottsdale homes, but it’s important to pick one that has built something similar to what you’re looking to build – in the location where you’re planning to construct your home.

A professional contractor will have a diverse portfolio for customers to browse. This means that wherever you look – including Scottsdale real estate listings, you’ll often find a home similar to your desire that the home builder has previously constructed.

Question #3 – Can you share relevant references?

This is often the question that separates the contenders from the pretenders for those that build quality custom homes in Scottsdale. Any contractor that is not willing to share specific references that are applicable to your custom home plan should be considered questionable. The best attribute that separates dependable contractors from skeptical ones is open and honest communication. If they are willing to be fully open to your inquiries and don’t flinch on any question – you can be certain that they are going to build you an exceptional home.

For the most part, Scottsdale home builders are very credible and professional individuals. However, the individuals who surround themselves with other team members that have the same goals, and dedication to superior customer service is the home building team you should always hire. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible – and always ensure that the answers you hear are the ones that will help you feel comfortable about this choice.


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