3 Tips On How To Buy Land And Build A House In Arizona

how to buy hand and build a house

Having a custom built home is the dream of most hard working people in Arizona. Whether you are looking for a primary residence in a small but beautiful community or looking for a get-a-way home in the Sonoran Desert, the process involved in finding the perfect lot, purchasing the and building a home is not as complex as you might think. In fact, by sticking to three basic steps involved in building a custom home in Arizona you’ll minimize mistakes, simplify the process and end up with the quality built home of your dreams.

Noted below are three important tips on how to buy land and build a house that will expedite your vision and ensure your custom home is built by the right contractor.

First – Create a Plan of Attack

Regardless of the type of project you undertake, having a detailed plan of attack is typically the best way to begin. It is often assumed that the first step that anyone should take in building a custom home is purchasing a lot. However, those who start this way typically discover that although the property might be one that fits their vision; it’s not practical to host other elements of your home. This is why anytime you consider building a custom home in the Phoenix area, formulating an effective plan needs to be the first step.

Here are a few specific items to consider.

  • Decide on the most important elements of your custom home for the long term. Many people tend to build custom homes after they’ve established a solid career and are looking to develop a home that is unique to their style, tastes, and current needs. However, as people age their needs evolve as well. Case in point, it’s important for any home owner to consider health care options, especially for those that are planning to retire soon. This would include defining where hospital locations are, how close you are to your primary care physician and also how quickly emergency services can arrive.
  • Determine utility needs and availability. Living in the desert comes with two basic necessities; clean and drinkable water and electricity to power cooling and heating systems. Most custom built homes are located “off the grid”, so deciding what water sources are available and how you intend on supplying the home with electricity is an important step. This can play a large role in determining lot costs, as well as understanding where the lot is located in relation to the flood plain, drainage easements, etc.
  • Determine the best location for today and tomorrow: Although it’s impossible to predict the future, once you’ve narrowed down possible areas and properties, you should consider the properties access to common everyday needs. Is the property easily accessible during all seasons? Is it located near industrial areas, or is the area zoned for certain projects like schools, business or residential development? Will you have to stock up for months at a time by driving 90 minutes to the closest Costco? These are all things you need to determine to ensure your custom home is perfect for your needs today and tomorrow.


Second – Find a Quality Home Builder

Once a plan has been created, and you’ve factored in the items included in step one, it’s probably a good idea to find a quality-driven Phoenix Arizona home builder that has experience building homes in that area; before your purchase the lot. In most cases, an experienced custom home contractor can provide you with a unique insight into how easy or difficult it will be to build your dream home where you have decided. There are a few common traits that the best custom home builders in Arizona have in common. Here are a few important qualities that you should look for in any architect.

  • As stated above, make sure they have built homes in the area you’ve picked. Different locations in Arizona have unique attributes including bedrock, access to clean water and electricity. Getting their feedback prior to buying property can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and a significant amount of stress.
  • Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded to complete ALL home construction projects – from developing a blueprint to hiring all contractors. It is not recommended to hire an architect or draftsman, get plans completed – and then go find a builder. A builder should be working closely with the architect during the design phase to ensure a budget is monitored and your design needs are also being met.
  • Hire a professional custom home builder that offers references. Anyone you trust to build a custom home should have a solid reputation of completing projects on time and can ensure every legal step (including permits and zoning requirements) are taken care of efficiently. They should also be open and transparent with you, including putting you in contact with previous clients with similar projects as yours.


Third – Take time to Plan the Entire Build

Once you’ve found a good home builder to work with, the final step is to plan the final project. This is a step that shouldn’t be rushed. When you work with a professional custom home builder, they will ensure that every “T” is crossed and “I” is dotted. It will also be a priority for them to communicate efficiently with you – involving you in every phase of development – from planning to construction and even the closing.

The truth is that building a custom home on a private lot is a lot of work.  But if you follow these steps for learning how to buy land and build a house in Arizona, the process will be much easier, cost-effective and ensure your dream home is built on time – and within your budget.



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